Jakub Polanka x Bibloo dress, Valentino bag, Dior sunglasses, Antipearle New York pearl ring, Tiffany silver ring
I promised myself I would be back in Santorini and I happily made it back this year. It was even more spectacular this summer and I'll make sure I'll share some tips with you about my favorite places. In the meantime I'm sharing photos with you of this incredible dress from a collaboration between a Czech designer and a concept store and online shop Bibloo. I'm in love with this color!
I have a promo code for you for 20% off your entire order: #FROMLOLI. Bibloo.cz. Use it by Aug 1st 2018.
Slibila jsem si, ze se na Santorini vratim a povedlo se mi to uz letos. Tohle leto mi to prislo jeste lepsi nez loni a rozhodla jsem se, ze se s Vami podelim o par tipu na ma oblibena mista. V mezicase se s Vami nadsene podelim o fotky v mych novych uzasnych satech z kolaborace ceskeho navrhare Jakuba Polanky a koncept storu + online sotru Bibloo. Miluju tu barvu!
Mam pro Vas promo kod na nakup s 20% slevou na Bibloo.cz: FROMLOLI. Plati do 1.8.2018.


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