New Cover Story Out Now

I was lucky to get an offer to style our beautiful (and only Czech one) former Miss World Tatiana Kucharova for Emma magazine. Tatiana had a busy schedule when she was in NYC, not only did she shoot a couple cover stories, she also spoke at a UN conference about her foundation that cares about the elderly. 
Mela jsem stesti, ze jsem dostala nabidku stylovat nasi krasnou Miss World Tatianu Kucharovou pro slovensky magazin Emma. Tatiana si do New Yorku zaletela nejen kvuli nafoceni par editorialu a obalek casopisu, ale predevsim reprezentovat svoji nadaci Krasa Pomoci na konferenci v OSN. 
Photographer: Paul de Luna
Makeup & hair: Stephanie Peterson
Sunday 6AM at Times Square
Nedele 6 rano na Times Square

Coffee Scrub

My daily ritual is quite simple, I believe in "less is more" if it comes to both makeup and skin/bodycare, however, that is one more reason to make sure I use really good quality products that meet your expectations. One of the reasons I like using Lush is the transparency if it comes to the ingredients in their products, you won't find a way too long of a list of ingredients on their products and you get what you hoped for. Simply said when I decided I wanted to get a coffee scrub I was longing for the familiar smell of coffee that I love so much and a softer skin after use and that is exactly what this cup delivers. Coffee scrubs/masks are very popular now and you can buy them from many different brands but I'm very happy with this one and besides the obvious benefit of having a softer skin (which feels great!) I also feel good about the #ethicalbuying aspect because I don't want to think about illegal child labor being responsible for picking the coffee beans for my mask. 
Muj denni ritual je relativne jednoduchy, zastavam nazor, ze mene je vice jak v liceni, tak v peci o telo a tvar. Nicmene tim spis se zameruji na kvalitni produkty, u kterych vim, s cim mam tu cest. Lush pouzivam rada prave diky jejich transparentnosti v ingrediencich, jejich produkty nejsou slozene z milionu ingredienci a vzdy splni ma ocekavani. Jednoduse receno, kdyz jsem chtela kavovy scrub, tak jsem se tesila na mnou milovanou vuni kavy a hebci pokozku po pouziti a presne toho se mi dostalo. Kavove scruby/masky jsou ted hodne popularni a muzete se je poridit od mnoha znacek, ale ja jsem velmi spokojena s touto, protoze vim, ze krome lepsi pleti mam i dobry pocit z toho, ze se nemusim bat, kde asi tak nelegalne zamestnane deti sbiraly ta kavova zrna do moji masky... #ethicalbuying 
 You can buy this coffee mask Cup o' Coffee on the Lush website or in the stores.
 Kavovou masku Cup o' Coffee muzete koupit na strankach Lushe nebo v kamennych obchodech.
Oh and my favorite ever body lotions are from Lush too... this month I've been using Sympathy for the Skin and it's delicious.
A nezapomente ze moje nejoblibenejsi kremy na telo vsech dob jsou take od Lushe... tento mesic pouzivam Sympathy for the Skin a je vyborny.