High Waisted Dreams

H&M high waisted denim, Forever 21 scarf and tee, Balenciaga leather, Antipearle necklace, Converse sneakers
I couldn't resist the high-waisted denim trend but I didn't want to invest too much (money and effort) into it so I first tried Asos, which didn't work - I have to admit I'm not a good online shopper. I gave it a second try at the good old H&M and voila here we go. Also this was the first time in a long time that I wore sneakers. To be precise the only pair of sneakers I own, the white Converse ones. 
I just left my Balenciaga with my mom who is going to have the lining exchanged so I'll tell you where to have your leather jacket updated if it goes well. Cross your fingers for me :).
Nemohla jsem to vydrzet a nezkusit trend dzinu s vysokym pasem, ale nechtelo se mi do nej prilis investovat (ani moc energie, ani moc penez), tak jsem vyzkousela Asos, ale tam mi ani jedny nesedly - musim se priznat, ze nejsem dobra online shopaholicka. Dala jsem tomu nakonec druhou sanci ve starem dobrem H&M a voila mam ten perfektni par dzinu. Taky si vsimnete, ze mam na sobe po sto letech tenisky a to ten jediny par, ktery vlastnim, bile Conversky.
Zrovna jsem nechala svoji Balenciaga bundu u maminky, aby mi u ni nechala vymenit podsivku, tak pokud to dobre dopadne, napisu vam, kde si muzete nechat "refreshnout" svoje kozene bundicky. Drzte mi palce :).