Gemma It Was

Balenciaga leather jacket, Valentino bag,  Joe's jeans, Forever 21 tee, Ray Ban aviators, Gucci Webby sandalsAntipearle necklace
This was my Saturday brunch outfit. (I don't just go to brunch every weekend but this Saturday I had a morning shoot so that worked out perfectly.) I hate to say it but I don't mind some color these days... so I paired my current favorites - Gucci Webby sandals with Valentino studded bag because red is the best for adding a pop of color. I am trying to get the most out of this weather and enjoy bare feet till I can because I'm sure there will be enough cold days to wear boots. 
Tohle byl muj sobotni outfit na brunch. (Nechodim na brunche kazdy vikend, ale tuhle sobotu jsem mela rano foceni a nez jsme skoncili, byl tak akorat cas na brunch.) Nerada se k tomu priznavam, ale v posledni dobe mi nevadi barvy, takze jsem zkombinovala svoje momentalne nejoblibenejsi kousky - Gucci Webby sandalky s Valentino kabelkou, protoze kdyz uz chcete dodat barvu svemu outfitu, podle me neni nic lepsiho nez cervena. Snazim se jeste uzit dny, kdy se daji nosit sandale, protoze je mi jasne, ze tech zimnich dni v kozackach bude mnohem vic, nez bych si prala.


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