Red White and Blue

Zara shirt, IRO Paris jeans, Valentino bag, Gucci heels, Prada sunglasses
Just in time for the red, white and blue! (Just so you know my national flag - Czech actually has the same colors so lucky me :P.) I hope you are all having a fun long weekend and that you are as excited as I am about this summer. I already got my flight tickets sorted and I'm going to Europe for the whole August and I just can't wait. What do you all have planned?
Akorat vcas na svatek cervene, bile a modre aka Den nezavisloti. Je fajn, ze moje "vlastni" ceske vlajka ma ty stejne barvy :P. Doufam, ze si vsichni uzivate dlouhy vikend a ze jste stejne nadseni z tohoto leta jako ja (nebo jeste vic?). Taky jsem si uz koupila letenky a cely srpen budu v Evrope, uz se nemuzu dockat. Co mate v planu vy?