How my adventure started… going for a wedding in the exotic Eleuthera. 
 What a beauty the Bahamas! We flew in a small eight seater over several islands.
The amazing Cove. Definitely the resort to check out if you are looking for understated luxury.
 The wedding gang.
Beach day! Paddleboards and kayaks were available for all guests.
A shot of our beautiful private beach from the paddleboard.

New Haven Art Gallery

IRO Paris jacket and jeans, Zara tee, Miu Miu loafers
Sending greetings from New Haven - the home of Yale university.
Zdravim vsechny z New Haven - domova Yale univerzity. 

Coffee Break

Balamin blazer, Joe's jeans, Miu Miu shoes, Tag Heuer watch, Antipearle jewelry
I had a rough day so when I finally got home after my job and a couple castings I had to run for coffee. Yes it helps. 
Mela jsem den blbec, takze kdyz jsem konecne dorazila domu po praci a par castinzich, musela jsem si bezet pro kafe. A ano, pomohlo to. 

50 Shades of Blue

Zara coat and top, Antipearle Mini blacktip earring and Mini septum
There was just enough time in between my travels for a quick photo shoot with Jiyang Chen and here are my favorites. I styled myself surprisingly :).
Mezi tim vsim cestovanim jsem mela tak akorat cas na rychle foceni s talentovanym Jiyangem Chenem a tady jsou me oblibene fotky. Prekvapive jsem styling zvladla sama :).