Sziget outfit

Outfit of love customized tee, cut offs from Thailand, Zara clutch, Mango sandals
August is long gone but I know that a little lesson on festival dressing is not gonna hurt anybody so here I am in my Sziget festival outfit. It was my first time in Budapest and I had a lot of fun with my high school friend and about 80.000 people who came to the festival this year.
Srpen uz je nenavratne pryc, ale mala lekce festivaloveho oblekani jiste nikomu neuskodi, takze tady me mate v outfitu na Sziget. Byla jsem v Budapesti prvne a cely vylet jsem si skvele uzila s nejlepsi kamaradkou ze stredni a asi tak dalsimi 80.000 lidmi, kteri letos na tenhle festival prijeli.


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