How to unwind during fashion week

All the fresh ingredients you need to make a good cocktail. Make it fizz! 
Garance Dore teamed up with Cointreau and created a special bar during New York fashion week where she held talks with Philip Lim and Aurelie Bidermann, invited some cool DJs, stand-up comedy girls and generally just kept us visitors very well entertained. I personally fell in love with the fashion illustration on the walls courtesy of Garance. Well done!
Vsechny tyhle cerste ingredience potrebujete k namichani dobreho koktejlu. At to jiskri!
Garance Dore se spojila se znackou likeru Cointreau a vytvorila behem newyorkskeho fashion weeku specialni bar, kde si povidala s navrharem Philipem Limem nebo Aurelii Bidermann, pozvala par cool DJu a holek na stand-up comedy a celkove nas navstevnice skvele zabavila. Osobne jsem se zamilovala do modnich ilustraci po stenach, ktere navrhla prave Garance. Gratuluji! 
Garance had an inspiring talk with a jewelry designer Aurelia Bidermann.
Garance vedla inspirativni rozhovor s designerkou sperku Aurelii Bidermann. 
 One of the cute bartenders taught us how to make drinks. Yeah like I haven't done that… :).
Jeden z pohlednych barmanu nas ucil, jak si namichat drink. Jako bych to jeste neumela, ze… :).
And this was the result - we look much better here than we looked BEFORE the drinks. Note: I still haven't given up on the idea that one season we won't have the suffocating nineties during fashion week.
Verte mi, ze tady vypadame mnohem lepe, nez jsme vypadaly PRED pozitim drinku. Poznamka: stale doufam, ze jednu sezonu se stane zazrak a behem fashion weeku nebude dusnych 30+.


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