We move t-shirt and leggings
Yesterday was not an ideal day for taking pictures (way too sunny) but it was ideal for another SUP lesson (a little breeze can go a long way!). Paddle boarding really got me and ever since I tried it in Thailand during my new year's vacation I've been planning little trips here and there just to get back on the board. When I came to Prague I was super excited to find a few places where you can rent it and paddle Vltava up and down as much as you want. I rented two different boards yesterday from Paddleboard shop and I recommend that to all of you thinking about getting your own because the speed and stability difference was huge.
I was wearing a t-shirt and leggings from a czech label We move. I recently discovered them while attending my pilates lesson and I find it quite refreshing to be able to wear something more unique than the latest collection from the biggest brands in sportswear and the fact that it's made in the Czech republic makes it that much more attractive to me. And I love the color combo of grey and coral!!
Vcera nebyl vubec idealni den na foceni (moc slunicka), zato byl idealni den na dalsi SUP lekci (jemny vitr dokaze zazraky!). Paddle boarding me hrozne chytl a od me novorocni navstevy Thajska, kde jsem ho poprve vyzkousela, jsem se snazila planovat alespon obcas male vylety, abych si zase zajezdila. Kdyz jsem priletela do Prahy, byla jsem nadsena, ze tu mame par mist, kde si muzete prkno vypujcit a sjezdit Vltavu krizem krazem, dokud nepadnete. Vcerajsem si vyzkousela dve ruzna prkna z pujcovny/obchodu Paddleboard shop a to same doporucuji vsem, kteri premysli o koupi vlastniho, protoze rozdil v rychlosti a stabilite byl dost velky.
Na sobe jsem mela tricko a leginy ceske znacky We move, kterou jsem nedavno objevila v pilates studiu. Prijde mi super, ze se sortiment sportovniho obleceni rozsiril o neco mene originalniho a hlavne vyrobeneho v Ceske republice. A barevna kombinace seda/koralova je bozi!


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