Chandigargh's charm

Rock Garden
Open Hand
the Capitol Complex
Hands down the most attractive sight in India I have seen. Me and my boyfriend took a weekend trip to Chandigargh and we were both blown away. You certainly don't expect to find such a beautiful, clean, comfortable and smart city in the middle of India. 
The entire city was planned by Le Corbusier in the 1950's and sadly it is his only project of such kind to be realized. He planned Chandigargh as an ideal environment for its citizens. The city was decided into 47 Sectors that are supposedly self-sufficient and should be able to cater to most needs of their inhabitants. Sectors are rectangular and measure 800m x 1200m and are similar to each other with the exception of Sectors that are primarily designed as non-residential (for colleges, industry, etc…). This exquisite sample of urban planning attracts about a million tourist per year. Well I will be back...


Michael said...

Nice photos and interesting info forced me to find more about this place..thanks ^_^
Have a great Tuesday,
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Loli said...

I'm glad you say this because that was my intention to spread the word about this place :)