Boots Season

There's only a few things I like about fall. Boots are definitely on top of that list. And then the feeling when you put your cashmere or wool scarf around your neck for the first time after half a year… Yeah fall is not that bad :). Apart from fashion fall is surely the most exciting season culture-wise. I feel like the best movies come out and let's face it we are more likely to read something meaningful cozying up under the blanket as soon as it gets dark outside than we are under the umbrella by the pool. I personally also feel more drawn towards museums and galleries… So what do you say I give you some tips for what to see and what to enjoy these days? 
Lanvin for H&M coat, Ana Geisel for Pietro Filipi tuxedo dress, Dior saddle bag, Gucci boots
Je jen par veci, ktere mam na podzimu rada. Kozacky jsou urcite na uplnem vrcholu tohoto seznamu. A taky ten pocit, kdyz se zabalite do kasmirove nebo vlnene saly po tom pul roce… Dobre, podzim neni tak spatny :). Pokud opomeneme modu, podzim je pro me take bezesporu nejzajimavejsim obdobim, co se kultury tyka. Mam pocit, ze se vydavaji ty nejlepsi filmy a co si budeme povidat, taky je vetsi pravdepodobnost, ze se zacteme do neceho smysluplneho, kdyz venku padne tma a my se zavrtame pod deku, nez pod slunecnikem u bazenu. Mne osobne to take vice tahne do muzei a galerii… Takze co kdybych vam priste napsala par tipu kam jit a co zazit?


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