Indian Summer Lover

 Pietro Filipi hat, Zara dress, Burberry Prorsum bag, Gucci boots, Tag Heuer watch
I just want to go back to Paris and its Indian summer and go out care-free with bare legs and wet hair… Yes I'm guilty of not styling my hair :). Hats are great…but new heels are better. Much better.
Chci proste zpet do Parize a chci zpet babi leto, abych mohla vyjit ven bezstarostna, s nahyma nohama a mokryma vlasama… Ano, priznavam svou vinu, nestyluji si vlasy. Klobouky jsou super vec… ale nove boty jsou lepsi. O moc lepsi. 

Raised on Champagne

Rad t-shirt, Diesel shorts, Burberry Prorsum clutch, Prada shades, Tag Heuer watch, Aldo sandals
I love champagne. I really do… so when I saw this tee I thought it was perfect for me. I took it with me to Paris as well because Paris is the city of champagne to me (and boy did I drink it there…). Meanwhile I enjoy it every now and then here in New York.
Next up: Paris post
Miluju sampanske. Opravdu… takze kdyz jsem videla tohle tricko, prislo mi, ze je proste uplne pro me. Vzala jsem si ho i do Parize, protoze to je pro me mesto sampanskeho (a ze jsem si ho tam neodpirala…).  V mezicase si obou obcas uzivam i tady v New Yorku. 
Priste: clanek z Parize

Designblok 2014

Isabel Marant for H&M coat, Zara shorts, Steven Madden boots
My favorite thing from Designblok was this swing. I couldn't resist to try it out… 
Na Designbloku me nejvic dostala tahle houpacka. Nemohla jsem si ji nevyzkouset...

New In: Gucci

Gucci Pre-Fall 2015 leather platform ankle boot with 5.5" heel
Dear boots,
you are a love at first sight. I fell for you when I saw weeks ago in Bombay. Now I spotted you again in Paris but you were not the right color. Ultimate they had to deliver you to me all the way from Cannes. It was a long journey but I'm sure we will be happy together.
Moje milovane boots,
byly jste laskou na prvni pohled. Zamilovala jsem se uz pred nekolika tydny v Bombayi. Ted jsem vas znovu uvidela v Parizi, ale nebyly jste moje barva. Nakonec mi vas dorucili az z Cannes… Byla to dlouha cesta, ale jsem si jista, ze spolu budeme stastni.