Men of fashion by tommy ton

The details
The floral shirt
Special edition: sexy tattoo guys
source: tommy ton for
How do you like these men? And why don't we have them in Prague?
Jak se vam tihle muzi libi? A proc je asi v Praze nemame?


Anonymous said...

Protože je to selekce z dovozu. Samotní italové nehrajou první ligu;)

Barbora said...

wuaaa <3 zamilovala som sa !

TH. said...

posledních pět miluju :)

Romana said...

Ten dědula :DD

Kris a Mike said...

tohle by nemelo byt jen na blogu, ale hlavne vsude na plakatech ve mestech, aby uz se konecne nasi panove inspirovali....!


ZOUi said...

♥ ahh, just like heaven :)

Rida said...

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Anonymous said...

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