Alpha Industries jacket, Sara&Suruzi dress, All Saints necklace, Buffalo boots, vintage Chanel bag
As soon as I got home I caught a cold so I like a swollen sick whale ever since but that didn't stop me from meeting a friend for Sunday brunch and getting disgusted over Chanel bikini made of rats @Artbanka.
I have good news for you! If you want to order something from SHEINSIDE use a promo code LEN20 to get a 20% discount!! This offer expires March 31. 
Hned po navratu domu jsem chytila rymu, takze si pripadam jako otekla nemocna velryba, ale to me neodradilo od nedelniho brunche s kamaradkou a jeste jsem se stihla pohorsovat nad krysima bikinama v Artbance.
Mam pro vas jeste jednu vyhodnou zpravu. Pokud si prejete neco z SHEINSIDE, pouzijte promo kod LEN20 a dostanete 20% slevu!! Tahle nabidka plati do 31. brezna. 


Unknown said...

get well soon!!!
jinak krasnej outfit!!<3
a dekuju za slevu ;)

Eva said...

nadhera...ale tu krysu okamzite odstran

luckapucka said...

ty šaty jsou supr dlouhonožko!

Bert said...

I hate to admit this, but you're the best dressed off duty model or infact best dressed girl I've ever known in my life! And as for those bloody boots girl - I'm sure you can imagine what any man would be thinking!!! Haha But most unbelievably, WTF am I doing actually googling for your blog and reading it for the latest post!!!!! :-D

Bert said...

And as for THAT Chanel thing....! WTF!!!

Štěpík said...

Asi se mi tedy líbí oteklý velryby!
A ty boty sou skvělý
A bikiny hnusný

Anonymous said...

I saw these photos before

Loli said...

I'm so happy you guys all love the Chanel bikini haha
A diky vsem za komentare.
anonymous: what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

I meant you look great as always

Must - Have - This! said...

Tie bikiny su nechutneeeee

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Andrea Bohmová said...

Závidím ti ty nohy.
A ty krysy? Pryč s tím.

MEva said...

ty boty jsou skvělé...

GlassesShop said...

Very beautiful photos!

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