Tokyo fashion

Dress to match (your background).
Real or not I like it just the jeans should be tighter.
Miu Miu head-to-toe. 
Did I mention I love black?
Take note for Valentine's day girls!

As you can see for yourself you can get all kinds of outfits on Tokyo streets. All these were taken in one day and I'll keep posting more because there's a lot of inspiration on the Tokyo streets.


slečna Upocená said...

Miu Miu paní to moooc sluší!

TH. said...

no jo, jinej kraj, "jiný" pojetí módy :) (až na miu miu samozřejmě, to chápeme všichni stejně)

Jeannette said...

Mě se to líbí:) Jen ani nežbleptnu anglicky takže nevím co je pod obrázky :)

Kris a Mike said...

uzasne, uzasne, ja je proste miluju! :)


Loli said...

Jeannette: Oblec se tak, abys ladila (s pozadim).
At uz je prava nebo neni, libi se mi. Jen ty dziny by mohly lip sedet.
Od hlavy k pate v Miu Miu
Uz jsem se zminil o tom ze miluju cernou?
Holky inspirujte se na Valentyna!

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