Vogue Hommes

What do men want? Most women would die to know the answer for this question (and vice versa I bet) and yet I feel like not even men understand what men want. I bought Vogue Hommes again as I usually do and I tried to do a little research. I asked around what do guys think about the content and here are the results. I could sum it up in two words: too progressive. Strangely enough Vogues for women tend to be conservative and very mainstream but Vogue for men is the opposite. I was told that magazines for women are better because they have women inside. My reaction was why should Vogue hommes be another magazine full of women... Another complaint was that there is way too much advertisement ("I'm on page 70 and there hasn't been an article yet!"). True. I thought that ads are good because you see what you can buy. I operate like this, i. e. I see Maria Carla in the Givenchy ad and I'm like "I soo want this skirt". I guess men don't think like me :).
Regarding fashion it should be something for adults and not for "kids". Tom Ford was claimed as an example of appropriate menswear. The advertisement was criticized because it was not clear what is advertised, i. e. Neil Barret. Also this ad seems to count on the fact that rich people do coke so they will see a line of coke there. I personally think that the ads should somehow reflect the philosophy of the company and they should tell you what are you buying into and therefore I think it would only make sense to show the potential clients what are they missing because the existing customers will come back anyways. Why not to show the perfect Neil Barret's perfect tailoring in the ad then?

The best way how to share the results of my research is to share pieces of the actual conversation so here we go:
X: The Kenzo ad is ok, there's a reasonably dressed man and a woman is starring at him...
Loli: That's another man not a woman though...
X: What?!
 "A man becomes a model when he is too lazy to do something "real", it is not a proper career that you can be proud of unlike girls. Girls confirm their femininity by becoming models." 
"When you see this you feel sorry for those people in the picture."
"There's even a blank page here! That's an elementary mistake. Oh, this editorial is divided into sections and this is a second one...The first one was what...Classic?! Classic is to get wrapped up in a vacuum cleaner hose?"
"It [editorial] wouldn't pass as art so Vogue Hommes took it and even for them it was weird and they didn't know what to do with it. It's tenderness. Instead it should have been made into porn."

Basically (most) men want something a little bit more practical. They want to see a comparison of several suits, they wanna see what they should wear when they go out with their family and still wanna look cool, they wanna read about the men's world like yachting, cigars, cars, etc. Also I say if you wanna give men a chance to get used to these unconventional editorials, sales promotion and interviews try to reduce the price of the magazine from $16 to something more reasonable and you might get more people interested. Another problem I see is the cover story. I see Jamie Bell as a star of two big movies that were not necessarily intended for the same target group as Vogue Hommes. The Adventures of Tintin really doesn't seem as a major topic for men to me. Thus I believe there is a huge hole in the market of men's magazines and if I ever come across the right investor I might start my own. It will glossy, classy and full of amazing stuff to look at and to read I promise!


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