I wish you all the best in 2012. Make your dreams come true or at least define your dreams.
 Resolution no. 1
New York. Spend as much time in NY as possible and make it worth it. I have developed true love for this city and it's about time to do something with it. 

 Resolution no. 2
Be you. Dare to wear whatever you feel like. Dare to share your opinions no matter how hard-core they are. Don't be afraid of what people might think or how people might react; It's you and your style not theirs and if they don't get it it's ok. 
 Resolution no. 3
Passion. Participate in projects you like even if it means you make sacrifices. Make your blog the way you want it to be. Work on your styling portfolio and work hard. Give modeling your best but don't let it control your life. 
Resolution no. 4
Open mind. Don't expect people to react certain way just because you would. Though if you are not happy tell them. 
Sometimes things happen and the result is so far away from what you expected. I'm trying to learn to appreciate it. These photographs were taken by Jacqueline when I was in NY on holidays and I don't know what the hell happened to the film but it happened beautifully. 
(click on pictures to make them bigger)


This is the ultimate color scheme for me. Definitely wanna get this for my apartment one day.
Tyhle barvy a jejich kombinace je nejvic. Urcite si to jednou chci poridit do bytu. 
This one reminds me of Gregory Crewdson's work and even though I'm a hard-core fashion photography fan this picture affected me more than any other pictures in this exhibition. This photograph made me wanna be at flooded Louvre...
Tahle fotka mi hodne pripomina praci Gregoryho Crewdsona a prestoze jsem zarytou fanynkou modni fotografie, tohle ve mne vyvolalo nejvic emoci z cele vystavy. Proste jsem si prala okamzite se ocitnout v zatopenem Louvru...
Zadig et Voltaire sweater, Alexander McQueen scarf, H&M shorts, Albano boots, Prada bag
LaChapelle is the god of commercial photography. He gets away with everything Terry does and much more. This is the best kitsch I know.
Do you love or hate him?
LaChapelle je buh komercni fotky. Projde mu to, co Terrymu a jeste mnohem vic. Pro me ten nejlepsi kyc co znam.
Milujete ho nebo nesnasite?

Post Christmas

Karl Donoghue jacket, H&M shirt, Nichole de Carle bra, Acne pants, Miu Miu bag, Burberry Prorsum boots
I invited my girls over to my place last night and we ended up watching porn. We all agree that Kim Kardashian's sextape is much better than Paris Hilton's. Just saved you some searching time.
Vcera jsem k sobe pozvala holky a skoncilo to sledovanim porna celebrit. Jednohlasne jsme se shodly, ze video s Kim Kardashian je o moc lepsi nez to s Paris Hilton. To jen abyste vedeli, na co nekoukat. 

Casual at Savoy

Karl Donoghue jacket, Givenchy top/dress, Alexander McQueen scarf, Prada clutch, Albano boots
I must have been a very good girl this year because I got beautiful presents. I found this oversized Prada clutch (I discovered in Soho New York and wanted ever since) and Alexander McQueen scarf under our Christmas tree. I think I can say that we have a tradition with my girls to meet up at café Savoy right after Christmas to exchange gifts and I'm really glad we made it again this year. I love my girls! (and yeah getting gifts from Agent P helps it of course)
What did you enjoy the most this time of the year?
Musela jsem byt ukazkova holcicka tenhle rok, protoze jsem dostala opravdu krasne darky. Pod stromeckem jsem nasla tohle uzasne oversized psanicko od Prady (objevene v Soho v New Yorku a zboznovane od toho dne az dodnes) a salu Alexander McQueen. Myslim, ze uz nas kazdorocni povanocni brunch v café Savoy s holkama muzu nazvat tradici a jsem rada, ze jsme se letos zase sesly. I love my girls! (a obdarovavani Agentem P tomu jen napomaha, priznejme si to)
Co jste si letos o Vanocich nejvic uzili?


jacket by Prada
My HEART STOPPED when I saw this jacket. This is what I'm SAVING for starting right now. 
I hope you're having fun.

Vogue Hommes

What do men want? Most women would die to know the answer for this question (and vice versa I bet) and yet I feel like not even men understand what men want. I bought Vogue Hommes again as I usually do and I tried to do a little research. I asked around what do guys think about the content and here are the results. I could sum it up in two words: too progressive. Strangely enough Vogues for women tend to be conservative and very mainstream but Vogue for men is the opposite. I was told that magazines for women are better because they have women inside. My reaction was why should Vogue hommes be another magazine full of women... Another complaint was that there is way too much advertisement ("I'm on page 70 and there hasn't been an article yet!"). True. I thought that ads are good because you see what you can buy. I operate like this, i. e. I see Maria Carla in the Givenchy ad and I'm like "I soo want this skirt". I guess men don't think like me :).
Regarding fashion it should be something for adults and not for "kids". Tom Ford was claimed as an example of appropriate menswear. The advertisement was criticized because it was not clear what is advertised, i. e. Neil Barret. Also this ad seems to count on the fact that rich people do coke so they will see a line of coke there. I personally think that the ads should somehow reflect the philosophy of the company and they should tell you what are you buying into and therefore I think it would only make sense to show the potential clients what are they missing because the existing customers will come back anyways. Why not to show the perfect Neil Barret's perfect tailoring in the ad then?

The best way how to share the results of my research is to share pieces of the actual conversation so here we go:
X: The Kenzo ad is ok, there's a reasonably dressed man and a woman is starring at him...
Loli: That's another man not a woman though...
X: What?!
 "A man becomes a model when he is too lazy to do something "real", it is not a proper career that you can be proud of unlike girls. Girls confirm their femininity by becoming models." 
"When you see this you feel sorry for those people in the picture."
"There's even a blank page here! That's an elementary mistake. Oh, this editorial is divided into sections and this is a second one...The first one was what...Classic?! Classic is to get wrapped up in a vacuum cleaner hose?"
"It [editorial] wouldn't pass as art so Vogue Hommes took it and even for them it was weird and they didn't know what to do with it. It's tenderness. Instead it should have been made into porn."

Basically (most) men want something a little bit more practical. They want to see a comparison of several suits, they wanna see what they should wear when they go out with their family and still wanna look cool, they wanna read about the men's world like yachting, cigars, cars, etc. Also I say if you wanna give men a chance to get used to these unconventional editorials, sales promotion and interviews try to reduce the price of the magazine from $16 to something more reasonable and you might get more people interested. Another problem I see is the cover story. I see Jamie Bell as a star of two big movies that were not necessarily intended for the same target group as Vogue Hommes. The Adventures of Tintin really doesn't seem as a major topic for men to me. Thus I believe there is a huge hole in the market of men's magazines and if I ever come across the right investor I might start my own. It will glossy, classy and full of amazing stuff to look at and to read I promise!

Giveaway winner

source: tyrabanks.coma
And the winner is.... Analeigh)), ktere se ozvu co nejdrive a doufam, ze bude mit z satu radost. Ostatnim slibuji, ze v nejblizsich dnech vyhlasim dalsi giveaway. 

Midnight Blue

Marina Rinaldi jacket (borrowed), Jimmy Choo for H&M belt, H&M leather shorts, Miu Miu bag, Buffalo over-the-knee-boots
I'm sorry about the background but the thing is it gets dark so early these days that before I go out it's already dark out there :). The only solution then is to take pictures in an obscure walk-through like this one. I borrowed this jacket from my mom and it's amazing because the inside is from this special goose so it's super warm but super lights and comfy. Too bad it's not mine... And I just bought these boots because I wore them at Klara Nademlynska fashion show a while ago and now they are on sale and trust me these are the most comfortable heels ever. I swear I had a cha cha lesson wearing these and I was fine. 
Omluvte prosim pozadi na fotkach, problemem je, ze se tak rychle stmiva, ze nez se vypravim ven, uz je tma :). Jedinym moznym resenim tedy je fotit se v podivnych pasazich a pruchodech jako tenhle. Pujcila jsem si od maminky uzasnou bundu, vnitrek je z nejake specialni husy a proto je ultra lehka ale zaroven hreje a je strasne pohodlna. No jen skoda, ze je maminky... A mam nove kozacky, na ktere si brousim zoubky uz od prehlidky Klary Nademlynske, ted je zlevnily a kdyz vite, jak jsou pohodlne, nemuzete si je nekoupit. Prisaham, ze jsem v nich dala lekci cha chy a nic me nebolelo. 

Limbo Night

Patricia Field hat, AnnSummers dress, Topshop necklace (used as skirt), Tatiana Kovarikova gloves, vintage Chanel bag, Alexander McQueen boots
Finally there was a party in Prague that was suitable for my AnnSummers sexy dress. Unfortunately it's Prague so I was almost the only one who really went for the dress code. BORING!!! What is everybody afraid of?!
Konecne se v Praze konala party, ktera mohla ustat muj sexy oblecek od AnnSummers. Bohuzel je to porad ta stejna Praha plna buranu, takze jsem byla temer jedina, kdo dodrzel dress code. TRAPNY. Ceho se vsichni bojite?! 
photo by Ingrid Nemeckova

Chloe's new hair

December 5 2011,  New York, W.E. screening
source: MarieClaire
November 2011, Waverly Inn, New York
source: Purple mag
Summer 2011, Paris, Kenzo show
source: GraziaDaily
2010, New York, Derek Blasberg's Classy book launch
source: Harper's Bazaar
2009, New York, Opening Ceremony event
source: Maeko

My style icon went short and brown. Ugh. Chloe is one of the few women I prefer blonde. At least she kept her weird style.
Hvezda meho styloveho nebe se ostrihala a obarvila na hnedo. Ble. Chloe je totiz jedna z opravdu mala zen, ktere preferuji blondate. Ale aspon se stale tak divne obleka!


I always say that a statement lipstick can save any disaster. Forget diamonds, red lips are girl's best friend.
Vzdycky rikam, ze vyrazna pusa muze zachranit vse. Zapomente na diamanty, rude rty jsou nejlepsim pritelem kazde zeny. 
Sometimes I wear something more subtle just so I don't overdose on my reds. My tip is this YSL Volupté Sheer Candy. I already had one in the summer (the Dewy Papaya shade) and the only drawback is that it is so good that I eat it and so it disappears quickly. 
What about you and lipsticks? Any preference/tips?
Obcas nosim neco mene vyrazneho, aby se mi cervena pusa neonosila. Idealni je relativne novy produkt od YSL Volupté Sheer Candy. Jednu uz jsem mela v lete (odstin Dewy Papaya) a tak vim, ze jedinou nevyhodou je, ze tak skvele chutna a voni, ze ji porad chutnam a pak se divim, ze mi rychle mizi. 
Co Vy a rtenky? Nejake tipy?

Wishlist Xmas

Dress giveaway

Protoze se blizi Vanoce, rozhodla jsem se i na blogu rozdavat darky. V lete jsem pro nezavislou americkou navrharku nafotila lookbook s jeji podzimni kolekci a rovnou si par kousku objednala a ted si je konecne privezla do Prahy. Tyhle saty muzou byt vase, kdyz se stanete mym pravidelnym ctenarem nebo spise ctenarkou v tomto pripade, a date LIKE na mou facebookovou stranku tady. Napiste, prosim, do komentaru svuj email, abych Vas mohla obratem kontaktovat, az bude vybrano nahodne cislo. Vice o navrharce Brooke Tassoul se dozvite tady. Saty jsou velikosti S. 

UZAVERKA je 18. PROSINCE, abych je stacila poslat pod stromecek :). 


Sleeping with shoes

It was a bought call but I chose the fur ones. I spent all night in them dancing in a club and the next day at Moma...
Bylo to tezke rozhodnuti, ale vybrala jsem si ty chlupate. Protancila jsem v nich noc a druhy den je vzala do Momy...

Lanvin for H&M coat, Matthew Williamson for H&M bag, Louboutin shoes

Loli's first pair of red soles

Which pair do you think I eventually got? 
Guess! My New York trip was nearly over when I decided to toughen up and purchase my first pair from the legendary brand Christian Louboutin. The purchase itself was a strange experience because even a pioneer in buying amazing shoes like me got a bit confused when all these Louboutins became suddenly tangible. Candy store for grown-ups. Also there was a very obsolete customer who couldn't decide whether to buy the shiny-shiny gold or the super-super-shiny-mirror-like pair. If I were her I would first worry about not falling over in those heels given her extreme shape (tiny with huge ass). Maybe I wouldn't even notice her in the miraculous moments of deciding between my dream fur FUN STATEMENT pair and my dream leather ELEGANT GO-TO pair but she was wearing a rather off-putting tracksuit with rose embroidery. Ugh. You can only imagine how it looked with her shinier-than-ever heels... Anyways come back tomorrow for my Louboutin post!
Tak ktere jsem si podle Vas nakonec koupila? Hadejte!
Muj pobyt v New Yorku uz se blizil ke konci, kdyz jsem se konecne rozhodla pochlapit a koupit si prvni boticky od legendarni znacky Christian Louboutin. Nakup samotny byl opravdu bizarnim zazitkem, protoze i pro takoveho veterana v nakupu uzasnych bot, bylo tezke se soustredit v te zaplave nahle zhmotnenych podpatku mych snu. Cukrarna pro dospele. Aby toho nebylo malo, mela jsem stesti na velmi netradicni zakaznici, ktere se rozhodovala mezi blyskave se blyskavym zlatym parem a velmi, velmi lesknoucim se jako zrcadlo parem. Byt ji spise se bojim, abych se na tech podpatcich neprekotila, coz urcite hrozi, vzhledem k jejim proporcim (malinkata s obrovskym zadkem). Nicmene mozna bych si ji v opojeni ani nevsimla, nebyt jeji odpudive teplakovky s ruzovou vysivkou. Ble. Snazte se si predstavit tu teplakovku s temi blyskam-se-co-to-jde botama... No nci, stavte se zitra na muj Louboutin outift!

Worth it or not

When I tried on this dress it felt like it was made for me. Love at first sight. The only question is whether it's worth the price tag ($9,670). What do you think?
Kdyz jsem si zkousela tyhle saty, mela jsem pocit, ze byly usity pro me. Laska na prvni pohled. Jedinou otazkou zustava, zda stoji za 9.670 dolaru. Co myslite?