Me&Japanese Madame Figaro!

I can't believe this....This picture was taken a long time ago by a Japanese guy who saw me hanging out near Colette and asked me for some info about my outfit and took a picture and said "I'm from Madame Figaro Japan". I checked their web again and again but after a while I just thought that I didn't make it (obviously they have a selection of stylish people that is BEYOND we're talking Japan first of all and second they send their agents to Paris and Madame only knows where else...) like last time when a US Elle agent took a picture of me in Soho. I'm SO honored!
FYI it was my ripped tights that caught his attention the most.
Uz jsem velka holka! Velke holky maji ruzna meritka, jak poznat, ze jsou velke holky. Nekdo to pomeruje svatbou, ja to pomeruji japonskou verzi Madame Figaro magazinu :). A pusu tomu, kdo mi prelozi, co tam o mne pisi.