Black in Details

I introduce you to my new shirt. It belongs to my "serious" part of the closet together with my Burberry portfolio. I feel like a businesswoman in this outfit. Thanks Hoss Intropia for making such a nice shirt. Thanks Bella Brutta Shoes for selling that shirt to me.
Predstavuji Vas sve nove kosili. Patri do meho "seriozniho" oddeleni spolu s portfoliem od Burberry. Citim se v tomhle outfitu tak nejak business :). Dekuji firme Hoss Intropia za vyrobu teto prijemne kosile. Dekuji firme Bella Brutta Shoes za to, ze mi tuto kosili dovezla do Prahy.

With McQueen dead and Decarnin gone where do I go for rock'n'roll

I can't wait to see the retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum starting May 4 (the day of my arrival to New York!).
The new Balmain designer was announced today: Olivier Rousteing (currently in charge of Womens Wear Design Studio).


I woke up and went straight to the gym for bosu training class. I had lunch at a Thai place. Emails, phone calls, styling return, etc. Bella Brutta pop-up shop opening in the afternoon: purchasing a very stylish black top, drinking Campari with soda, meeting the creators of Czech Original Fashion and my fellow blogger Vitezslav and later on checking on the opening of Desigual store with a local star singing her tunes. Thursday evening belonged to Audi though as there was a presentation of the new A6 that included a cool concert of the most stylish Czech band Toxique. What a day!
me&Vitezslav (Sestra Moja dress, DKNY sandals, vintage belt, Burberry portfolio)
my favorite piece@Desigual
@Desigual opening
Klara Vytiskova-Toxique
Ctvrtek mi zacal cvicenim a to rovnou velmi pokrocilym bosu treninkem. Nasledoval obed v thajske restauraci Lemon Leaf. Vyridit emaily, telefonaty a vratit/pujcit styling je moje kazdodenni rutina. Bella Brutta pop-up nakupy mi zprijemnily odpoledne: cerny velice chic top, campari se sodou a setkani s Luckou&Honzou z CZOF a bloggerskym kolegou Vitkem. Pozdeji jsme s kamaradkou jeste zkontrolovaly zbozi v Desigual na Prikopech, ktery prave otevirali za pritomnosti zpevacky Ivy Fruhlingove. Vecer nicmene patril memu srdci drahe korporaci Audi a jejimu predstaveni nove A6 na trh. Party se vydarila hlavne diky koncertu skupiny Toxique, kterou musim podporovat uz jen proto, ze je nejstylovejsi ceskou kapelou a hlavne ty nohy....

Comfort comes definitely first

I bought a new skirt and I was so excited about it that I decided to wear the next day regardless of the nature of my job and the weather. I had a relatively difficult photo shoot scheduled for that day and I remembered one Rachel Kanarowski's tip for people coming to help on photo shoots: wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can move easily. I could definitely serve as the best example of breaking that rule :). (Luckily the pictures are ready and look amazing so I might try some crazy outfits more often while styling and kneeling in front of the model.) On top of risking my career I had to risk my health as well as I was wearing thigh-high boots and had to tie a knot on the skirt high up exposing my boots after I got out of the photo studio and found out it was raining cats and dogs. People were starring at me in this green ill-fitted robe while I was getting colder and colder...but did I mention I LOVE my new skirt?!
I was wearing Mango skirt, Zara thigh-high boots&Gaga t-shirt, Karen Millen leather jacket, Givenchy bag&cuff.
Koupila jsem si novou sukni a moje nadseni me donutilo si ji druhy den vzit na sebe. Ignorovala jsem i to, ze me ceka relativne narocne foceni a na predpoved pocasi jsem se pro jistotu vubec nepodivala. No hned jsem si vzpomnela, jak nam Rachel radila, abychom na foceni chodily hlavne pohodlne oblecene a obute, haha, ten den bych mohla slouzit jako dokonaly "jak ne" priklad. (Mela jsem stesti a na fotkach se to nijak nepodepsalo, vypadaji skvele a ja mam tim padem kuraz zkouset nove slozite modely na foceni.) Nicmene riskovani me kariery nestacilo, a tak se pridalo jeste riskovani zdravi pote, co jsem zjistila, ze venku neskutecne leje a musela si svuj zeleny zazrak na boku uvazat a chte nechte tak ukazovat svoje thigh-high kozacky. Lidi se po tehle zuby drkotajici zelene vile v podivne asymetrickem habitu nestydate otaceli...ale uz jsem Vam rikala jak tu sukni miluju?

I'm Goth

I'm GOTH (and disco in the morning). Which one are you?
photos from Russh Magazine

Thank you DKNY Prague!

I won a voucher in a "wrap Cozy in some original way" competition and these babies are my reward. Cozy is a legendary sweater that can be worn in 100+ ways designed by Donna Karan.
Vyhrala jsem voucher v DKNY soutezi "zavaz si Cozy originalne" a tyhle milacky jsem si za to poridila. Cozy je genialni svetr z dilny americke navrharky Donny Karan a muze se nosit snad na sto zpusobu.
PS: Dekuji mnohokrat vsem, kteri pro me hlasovali. Pusu! :)

Londyn vs. Praha aneb proc jsou Cesi zli

Neda mi to, se nahlas nezamyslet nad zkazou ceskych ulic. Stacilo mi par dni v Londyne, abych se opet ujistila, jak jsme tady modne mimo. Zvlastni je, ze vetsina z Vas, co mi pise do komentaru, vasnive vychvaluje moje ruzove leopardi boty. Cim to je ze v Londyne se holka s ruzovamy leopardima botama docka tolika pochvalnych pohledu a par otevrenych komentaru na to, jak ma uzasne boty a v Praze slysi "kurva" a "ty si myslis, ze si naka Paris Hilton, co!"? Kupodivu tohle po mne porvavali mladi kluci a nikoliv starsi pohorsene damy (nicmene ty se na me jaksi take divaji s despektem). Kdo zna Londyn, vi, ze je to uzasne kosmopolitni mesto a opravdu se tam prolinaji snad vsechny kultury sveta a tim padem, by mohl nekdo namitnout, ze prece oni jsou na to zvykli a my Cesi ne. Na to bych ja odpovedela, ze jsem se s extremne kladnou reakci setkala i v Kodani, kde prece jen na "vsechno" zvykli nejsou a nejaky obrovsky meltdown kultur se tam nekona. Co se tyka vymluv, ktere smeruji ke komunismu, musim rict, ze tomu ani trochu neverim, uz proto ze napriklad moji generaci komunismus neovlivnil vubec. Moje babicka se prestehovala kratce po revoluci do Nemecka a nikdy by ji nenapadlo, nosit nejake priserne backory do mesta, neupravovat si vlasy a nalit si na ne fialkovy preliv, prestoze komunismus taky zazila. Tak cim to je? Proc maji v Cechach lide potrebu byt zli na okoli? Zavist nebo nedostatek sebevedomi nebo jsou opravdu natolik pohorseni a jejich vkus ranen ze maji potrebu to rici nahlas?

My fellow English speaking readers I apologize but this post is mostly dedicated to people in Prague because I'm asking why is it that Praguers can be so mean to people wearing "not-your-ordinary-outfit". However if you do have an answer for me please feel free to pass it on :).

And the winner is...

no. 1 & 7! alias Vell&Boo
Gratuluji! Prosim, prihlaste se mi na email se svymi adresami.

Conscious Preview in London

Thanks to Kate&Kate from H&M showroom who gave me this cute (and environment friendly!) dress ahead of a time so I could rock it in London.
Dekuji Kate&Kate z H&M showroomu za predcasny darek do Londyna.
H&M Conscious collection dress (in stores from April 14) , All Saints jacket&necklace, Matthew Williamson for H&M bag, Aldo sandals, Givenchy cuff
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway here. I decided to end it on Monday!
PS: Nezapomente se tady prihlasit o darecky. Mate cas uz jen do pondeli.

Spring trip to London

London exhausted me in the best possible way!
wearing: Aqua dress, Burberry scarf and portfolio, All Saints leather jacket and necklace, Givenchy cuff, Aldo sandals
Thank you Ev for shopping tips and especially for the Burberry factory store!!
I lost control at Wholefoods Market (oh please somebody open one in Prague), I had dim sum, I shopped at Burberry factory store, I booked another agency, I invaded the Old Spitalfields Market, I drank prosecco and I went to a theatre. Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss were both great at The Children's Hour (see the photo above) and I'm glad I had the chance to see them perform live. I love London! So much energy....
Londyn me vycerpal v tom nejlepsim slova smyslu. Totalne jsem to prehnala v Wholefoods Market (nekdo by ho mel otevrit i u nas), dala jsem si dim sum, nasla jsem cestu do vyrobni prodejny Burberry, zajistila si dalsi agenturu, zpustosila Spitalfields market, pila prosecco a zavitala do divadla. Keira Knightley i Elisabeth Moss byly skvele v "The Children's Hour" (vyfotila jsem se pred divadlem viz foto vyse :) a jsem rada, ze jsem je videla tak nejak nazivo. Miluju Londyn. Uz zase...ta energie tam je proste.

photos from and
London calling!

Sunday coffee talks

Check out my latest work here! Dina was photographed by Richard Nowak and posed in skin tight underwear...
And here is my+Olga's Sunday outfit