Klara like a boy bstage

The two 17 year olds and me met at the Old Town Square this morning to shoot a test. I know the photographer Bethany from our previous photo shoots that she actually managed to get printed in US magazines. I kept running into Klara at various castings and then we finally became friends at a charity show Fashion for Kids over three years ago. Since then I have watched her getting better (and taller!) and I think she will be really big one day. What was I like when I was 17? I was clubbing a lot and I was not a hard-working girl following her dream :). Working as a model (or as a stylist) has changed my attitude and it has also given me motivation because of all the talented people of different ages, nationalities, backgrounds, etc. I have met.
Dve sedmnactky a ja jsme se dnes rano sesly na Staromaku, abychom vyfotily par peknych fotek. Fotografku Bethany znam z nasich predchozich foceni, ktere dokazala protlacit do tisku. S Klarou jsem se potkavala na castinzich, az jsme se konecne spratelily na charitativni prehlidce Terezy Maxove Fashion for Kids pred vice nez trema lety. Od te doby ji vidim rust do krasy (a do vysky) a myslim, ze o ni urcite hodne uslysime. Kdyz me bylo 17, strasne moc jsem parila a opravdu jsem nebyla vzorem pracovitosti :). Jedna z veci, kterou na modelingu cenuji nejvice je ta motivace, kterou jsem ziskala diky setkani s tolika talentovanymi lidmi z ruznych zemi, odlisneho veku, vychovy, atd.
Pictures coming soon!