My SAG winners

Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen
I think this dress is so amazing and versatile that I would wear it for the red carpet and for a beach walk too!
Hailee Steinfield in Prada
Love it when stars dress age-appropriete!
Amy Adams in Herve Leroux
I don't like halters or white but she managed to still look more like a sexy siren than an angel.
Anetnette Bening in Tony Ward
What a smile and pose! She sparkles.
Justin Timberlake in Simon Spurr
Men can look disastrous on the red carpet but that is not Justin's case in this well-cut tuxedo and fun tie.
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Subtle Gold I Want

Isabel Marant
Sophie Hulme
photos from Elle UK

Valentino's disaster

I'm usually indifferent to Valentino but the Couture Spring 2011 seems like a disaster to me. The clothes are ok (not amazing unfortunately) but what I find really really disturbing is everything else. I am a model and so I know that at the time when the client chooses his/her models it is already decided what are make-up, hair and accessories going to look like. Then a lot of amazing and beautiful girls come to the casting but obviously not all of them have the right facial features for the specific look. Honestly I think that the position of the braids is dumb because it emphasizes the wrong things but once you decide to go with it well at least help the girls with some flattering make-up. Unfortunately Valentino decided the very opposite and I can't help but say that the poor girls look like they are seriously sick. I know that this is a bold statement but I just can't understand why do people put so much effort into making beautiful robes then calling the most desired models for a casting and then spending hours making it all bland.
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Většinou mě značka Valentino nechává chladnou, nicméně jejich jarní Couture show mi připadá katastrofická. Oblečení je jakž takž, ale všechno ostatní mi připadá děsivé. Jako modelka vím, že v momentě, kdy si klient/ka vybírá své modelky, o make-upu, vlasech a doplňcích už je rozhodnuto. Na casting potom přijde spousta nádherných holek, ale ne každá má ty správné rysy pro ten daný "look". Upřímně si myslím, že copy v téhle verzi vypadají hloupě a zdůrazňují ty nesprávné partie, ale když už tak by alespoň mohl pomoci lichotivý make-up. Jenže Valentino rozhodlo jinak a výsledkem jsou nemocně vypadající modelky. Vím, že to zní dost drasticky, ale nechápu, proč někdo investuje tolik energie do výroby vznešených rób, povolá na casting ty nejžádanější modelky a potom to všechno úspěšně sabotuje.

Where is the haute couture?

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Don't get me wrong I like this punk/rock take on couture from Gaultier and I would love to wear the studded blazer from Armani but I feel like there's not enough wow. It looks so wearable and chic that it could blend into the regular collection. Is it because of the persisting crisis or is this world over haute couture altogether?
Jean Paul Gaultier
Armani Prive
Givenchy Couture
Nemyslete si, že by se mi rock-punkový styl Gaultiera nelíbil nebo že bych nechtěla nosit to okované sáčko od Armaniho, ale chybí mi ten "wow" efekt. Vypadá to tak nositelně a chic, že by se to ztratilo v regulérní kolekci. Váhám, jestli je za tím přetrvávající krize anebo už opravdu vysoké krejčovině odzvonilo?

Spring Picks

The fabric and the fit of the pants makes me wanna buy it and wear nothing else but this! And with the super chic bracelet please.
My newly favored brand is just too perfect to add anything. What can I say besides I love being dark and Givenchy does it so well...
Isabel Marant
There is more than one outfit I could wear right now and on a daily basis in this collection than at any other collection I've seen for spring 2011. I feel like Isabel is the only designer who creates ordinary clothes but still makes me wanna buy them. Usually I prefer statement pieces or something that really needs that high quality to not look cheap (i. e. belts, leather jackets, etc.) if it comes to high-end designer shopping but I would be cool with a collage looking stripy skirt from her. PS: Notice the ankle cuffs!
Jil Sander
Strangely enough I don't like bright colors (and especially grass green is very far from my favorites) so that explains why I dislike Max Mara's collection but it doesn't explain why I love what Raf Simons did for Jil Sander...Fashion confuses me this season apparently.
What is yours "can't take my eyes off" outfit for this spring?
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Bread&Butter of your wardrobe

Tommy Hilfigerized @ Bread&Butter photo by Luc from
Read my official report from Bread&Butter here! My first serious journalist combined with photographer work :)
I love Berlin and I always try to find an excuse to go there (after all it's just 58EUR away on the train if you buy your tickets online and 3 days prior to your trip). This time I was asked to check out one of the biggest street wear fairs Bread&Butter. You have to prove some sort of fashion interest (a good blog should do but bear in mind that they do check it while issuing your accreditation so do not put some imaginary blog on your application) in order to get inside this buzzing hub full of stylish people who are there to do business (frankly the real purpose is to sell more to the clients not to entertain people like me with free drinks&tapas and live music :)). Overall I thought it was a great experience that helped me find some new brands I'll look into and get excited about the F/W 2011/2012.
As far as traveling is concerned I have a tip for you where to find the cool shops, bars, art places, etc., try Unlike as a starting point. I found the high class second hand CASH through there and the Corner and both places were exactly as described on this website. It is mostly for European cities and the best part is that you can download a vCard directly to your phone so you have all the information stored including the opening hours.

What made me happy in Berlin

COS dress
Ms. Vuong's pho
CASH second hand shop
Diesel Home collection
My super stylish hotel room
Good morning Berlin!
note: if you're going to a crowded city wear red so your mates can find you
Cute lemonades
The Corner (Berliner Colette)

Another leather outfit

One foggy day at a random park...Apparently I was enjoying my new leather jacket despite the cold. Coming soon: big report from Berlin Bread&Butter street wear fair!!!
All Saints jacket&sweatshirt, H&M shorts, Dune boots and Givenchy bag

The older you get the more you shine

I was blown away when I saw this picture of her in the Swarowski encrusted gown courtesy of Atelier Versace. I'm generally not cheering for green color but this look is simply beyond! Who else did I like? Anne Hathaway, Tilda Swinton and Christina Hendricks.
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New leather piece for my collection

I didn't do much today as I was still in the low-energy mode after my wild birthday party. I only managed to get out of my bed to finally get the current issue of Elle (I keep getting upset paying over 250CZK for a magazine that could cost me 30CZK) and to go to Bakeshop. They disappointed me today though because my favorite croissant with brie cheese and apples wasn't available. Seriously I think this should be illegal! They can cause serious damage by not having your favorite thing...
I apologize for the quality of these pictures but you know those lazy Sundays...
I'm wearing my super new Balmain leather pants, Burberry boots, Zara top and Boohoo jacket

Balloons Two and Four

I couldn't resist to have some fun with these...And here is a reportage of another crazy idea of mine. I met a group of kids walking with the balloons towards my chosen location and I can tell you they were pretty jealous. Twenty four year olds can have fun!
Intermix leather dress+Burberry boots


It's my BIRTHDAY today!
My mom's first ever cupcake. It was yummy! Tulips, my favorite flowers. And some smell-good gifts.