Christmas is all around us

my family starts the day with brunch at the Municipal House
and here they are: my biggest wish the Burberry aviator boots
first time wearing them was at cafe Savoy for brunch with my girls
Christmas is always a strange time for me as it follows my final exams which is always a very stressful time. I jump from high stress to nothing to do (but never bored!). I buy my presents early and I usually get them either while traveling so this time it was mainly from New York and London or I order them online. I try to give my friends&family something more rare and hard to get rather than a t-shirt from the chains. Christmas also equals to more time for my beloved including my friend who lives far far away and only comes twice a year. I hope I made the ones I like happy because they did make me happy and that's what it should be about. Enjoy the rest of the year and hopefully my next post will be from NYC if the snow storm goes away soon enough. Let's invade the stores now while the sales last!


K said...

máš nenormálen bundičku!!! milujem! :)

Eva Schön said...

Cafe Savoy na Strande v Londone? Tam som tiež chodievala na brunch! Tie čižmičky sú luxusné!

Loli said...

carmabelle: dekuji, je z
Eva: nene, tohle byl Savoy v Praze na Ujezde, ale ten "tvuj" znam taky :)

Anonymous said...

Moc ti to sluší a botky jsou úchvatné! :)

Anonymous said...

máš super blog! boty jsou nadherne! smim se zeptat...máš nádhernou postavu, jak se udržuješ?:) díky Nicol

slečna Upocená said...

krásný post:) botky závidím a Christmas brunch musí bejt úžasná tradice(krásný šaty<3)

Loli said...

Nicol: Posledni dobou to strsne flakam :D a chodim jen pravidelne na pilates a misto MHD chodim pesky. Jinak v aktivnejsich obdobich nez mam ted beham tak 2x tydne.

Anonymous said...

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