Christmas&Birthday Wishlist
Strangely enough there are no shoes neither dresses on my wishlist for upcoming Christmas and my birthday. The reasons are quite simple, firstly I'm getting the best pair of boots of the season so there's no need to wish for them anymore :) and secondly I have to admit I'm not lacking dresses...recently anyways...So enough of what I don't need and here's what I would love to have: I certainly need a sexy kimono to wrap around my sexy sleepshirt (they do have nice French-style ones on VS!), a chic notebook is a must-have for me since I'm constantly writing down styling ideas and of course I can never have too many cool t-shirts. Too many "I"s and "me"s in this entry but it is MY wishlist, right?
PS: It is interactive to make it even easier!


Mirka said...

to dvdcko story of fashion with karl legerfeld moze byt velmi velmi zaujimave, rozhodne by som si pozrela :))