Everybody is super excited about Lanvin and H&M co-operation. Naturally! I am beyond excited and I was so nervous about the announcements that I was already planning to buy a ticket to be in London or New York the day before the launch ready to sleep on the street in case we don't get the collection in Prague. It made me think about my job - a week in Lanvin showroom (Milan) in June 2009. I loved that job. Despite the fact the shoes would rank my top 10 least comfortable shoes I have ever worn (imagine awfully painful and worse :D) I swear that a Lanvin dress makes you forget everything else. I hope the H&M collection is going to be as beautiful as these!


Eva said...

ty bile saty ti moc slusi...ja uz ani nevim, jestli si budu neco kupovat v tom HMku..pak to nosi vsichni mi prijde :) uvidim..treba me kolekce zcela uchvati

Loli said...

ja myslim, ze tohle vzhledem k poctu kusu opravdu nebude mit kdekdo. a jinak si v HM kupuju vyraznejsi kousky a v tech v CR taky nikoho nepotkavam, asi se to lidi boji nosit ci co...anebo mam proste stesti, to je taky mozny.

M. said...

ty bílé jsou úžasné:) sluší ti