Art for Life

Prague Fashion Weekend was going on here last weekend, but I didn’t spend the entire time on beautiful Parizska street amongst all of the (random, trendy-less) outfits from Czech and Slovak designers or (wannabe) fashionable brands. Instead I was lucky enough to be also working on an interesting project styling a mythological-inspired photograph of a Czech actress and a male model, as part of the charity project Art for Life - Art Against AIDS.

Many great local artists are involved, and I was happy to be amongst the helping bunch, especially because I believe that the fight against AIDS still does not receive enough attention.
Here is the article about our shoot with photographer Martin Kamen.
I found the perfect ancient-Greek inspired but still very modern looking gown at the Alice Abraham boutique. The color was just amazing and the necklace blew me away :). Hand-sewn waistcloth by Kotva textile. I’ll post the the final version of the photo after it is released at an exhibition that takes place October 5.