Parcours de travail

Karl Lagerfeld is my God. I always knew he was a genius if it came to designing beautiful clothes and accessories but I underestimated his ability as a photographer. Honestly I thought come on one can not be so talented to compare to the best photographers on top of being the head of Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld brand. Guess what I was WRONG! These pictures are breathtaking and I recommend to visit the European Institute of photography to everyone who is planning a visit to Paris. It is so worth it! Apart from KL there were about five more big exhibitions and I found all of them very inspiring.

"Parcours de travail" at Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Paris) until October 31 2010

Dolls from Vogue

Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington from US VOGUE dollified. Adorable. I am a huge fan of the September Issue movie so I recommend it to everybody who is interested in these two fashion icons or simply in the fashion industry.
More info on thefashiontime.
I'm going to Paris tomorrow so wait for some chic posts ;).
Here's what I'm planning to wear:

Back to t-shirts

leggings: Patrizia Pepe, t-hirt: Zara, belt: ?, boots: Dune
I love this weather in Prague! Please stay! I'm leaving for Paris soon and I'm starting an internship and I'm a full-time student again and...too much going on but I'm sure I'll find something exciting to blog about in Paris. Also I can't wait for my editorial to get published!!
Here's Loli at work :)

YSL sandals

I decided to do a little shopping yesterday and went to Germany. It was the pretty standard madness and decision making I thought but then I saw these YSL super sexy sandals in my size screaming BIG DISCOUNT. No I could not have left them there. Sometimes you find something that makes the decision for you. The ripped leggings were just a cherry on top of the cake.
leather jacket: Karen Millen, ripped leggings: Patrizia Pepe, t-shirt: Topman, sandals: YSL rive gauche


Acne is here! We have the chance to snap the new Acne collection for a whole month at the Simple Concept Store and that means that Prague became a better place to shop :). I was one of the 5 most stylish people to post a look on and therefore I was invited to the opening party this Thursday. It feels good to be awarded for having a style so I'll keep trying :).

Here is an Acne t-shirt that I fell in love with that night and I love it even more now because the material feels like the softest thing I've ever worn.

top: Acne, shorts: H&M, necklace: Topshop, Tights: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly, scarf: Alexander McQueen, sunglasses: Ray Ban

What makes me happy

Probably the last sunny and summery weekend
dress, belt by Jimmy Choo for H&M, bag by Miu Miu, boots by JC, scarf by Alexander McQueen
And my special anniversary ELLE

Art for Life

Prague Fashion Weekend was going on here last weekend, but I didn’t spend the entire time on beautiful Parizska street amongst all of the (random, trendy-less) outfits from Czech and Slovak designers or (wannabe) fashionable brands. Instead I was lucky enough to be also working on an interesting project styling a mythological-inspired photograph of a Czech actress and a male model, as part of the charity project Art for Life - Art Against AIDS.

Many great local artists are involved, and I was happy to be amongst the helping bunch, especially because I believe that the fight against AIDS still does not receive enough attention.
Here is the article about our shoot with photographer Martin Kamen.
I found the perfect ancient-Greek inspired but still very modern looking gown at the Alice Abraham boutique. The color was just amazing and the necklace blew me away :). Hand-sewn waistcloth by Kotva textile. I’ll post the the final version of the photo after it is released at an exhibition that takes place October 5.

Embrace the dark lip trend

Lipstick: MAC

PS: I uploaded more stuff on my sales blog - a Topshop by Kate Moss dress and a sweater from Sonia Rykiel for H&M. Check it out!

From head to toe

I was looking for styling today and I took many pictures that I can share with you. I have a shoot on Saturday with Bethany Grace and I can't wait! So this is how I do it: I go to my usual shops and take pictures of things I like/find interesting. Sometimes I put almost the whole look together in one shop (it helps that I can try the clothes on myself and see the look right away and know what is the actual shape and how the textures work together...) but then I go through the pictures and think of the feeling of the whole bunch and create sort of a theme.


Everybody is super excited about Lanvin and H&M co-operation. Naturally! I am beyond excited and I was so nervous about the announcements that I was already planning to buy a ticket to be in London or New York the day before the launch ready to sleep on the street in case we don't get the collection in Prague. It made me think about my job - a week in Lanvin showroom (Milan) in June 2009. I loved that job. Despite the fact the shoes would rank my top 10 least comfortable shoes I have ever worn (imagine awfully painful and worse :D) I swear that a Lanvin dress makes you forget everything else. I hope the H&M collection is going to be as beautiful as these!

Back to jackets

cosmic dress: H&M, tights: Wolford, boots: ?, clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Last weekend was my first weekend home after two months. I did a little shopping to avoid serious depression :). I love summer I love sun and warmth but if it comes to fashion I'm the most excited about the fall. What would my life be like without my over-the-knee boots, leather jacket and newly a long fabulous coat? It would be boring! Aka back to leather jacket. (Also my first visit of the Karlin studios in Prague, currently on display is Sykora and co.).
faux leather shorts: H&M, t-shirt: Zara, boots: Jeffrey Campbell

boots: ?, pants, t-shirt: Zara, necklace: Banana Republic, jacket: KM, purse: Miu Miu