TV shows

Why am I crazy about the American television? The reason is simple: so many TV shows related to my passions!
There is the Project Runway hosted by Heidi Klum and her notorious "auf Widersehen" to wannabe designers who didn't succeed in the week's challenge. Sometimes I feel like the clothes are just stunning and ready for any major fashion week but very often I think the designs are rather dreadful. The judges are worth mentioning since it's the America's darling Michael Kors (I do not love his work but I respect him and his personality is just lovely :), Nina Garcia the fashion director of American Marie Claire and various celebrities currently Selma Blair (whose style I admire).
There is the Double Exposure which I suggest you rather look at yourself because I'm very opinionated if it comes to this couple. It is a show built around Markus (the playboy photographer) and Indrani (born Indian former model now doing all the hard work - creative director).
I absolutely indefinitely fell in love with America's Next Top Model too and I watch about a cycle a day (that means I watch it almost all day :D). It is an amazing survey about American teenage or 20-something girls that are willing to do crazy stuff to win a contract with prestigious modeling agency.
And my last tip is the Rachel Zoe project that shows the drama of being a celebrity stylist. Rachel is crazy good at what she does and she can put together amazing stuff but as the show suggests she is not exactly where she wants to be and it can be hard even for her to get a chance to style for the good magazines.


Anonymous said...

Js jsem koukala akorat na ANTM, ale koukam ze mam co dohanet :-D a pak jeste na ruzne alternativni porady z ruznych cyklu (treba o kulturistkach zenskych, nebo miami ink)
diky za tipy

Loli said...

tak treba se ti neco z toho bude libit :)

Ingrid said...

HEY! Loli And who told you ANTM is great!?! And that you should watch it for inspiration since you are the model here :-))