Testing in New York City

I'm not just hanging out and partying this summer I actually managed to get some work done. This is Molly from Sweden that David Surowiecki shot and I did the styling&co. I'm happy with this test mostly because it made me feel like I would be able to do something more commercial than my usual stuff and I totally need that. My favorite picture in this bunch is the first one with that long skirt. Most of the clothes are from Victoria's Secret, H&M and Bebe.
Molly is represented by VNY.


Anonymous said...

Ty saty s kombinaci v krajce jsou bebe?
jsou moc hezke.

Vsechny fotky se mi libi, take si myslim ze se to povedlo.

Loli said...

ty jsou zrovna Victoria's Secret...jsou takove ala Sicilska vdova :)

Durduin said...

Myslím, že s tvým portfoliem a tvými zkušenostmi by ses nemusela bát oslovit nějaký časopis