Selling my wardrobe

As time goes by I find my evergreens but also the never-to-be-worn stuff and I decided I should do something about that. I have certain pieces like my leather jacket that I can wear anytime and anywhere and it always saves me on those days when you feel like you don't look good in anything :). I also have big piles of stuff that I won't wear because it was either an impulse buy or it was meant to be used for styling for a shoot and I kind of need to get rid of these because they are taking up so much space that I can't fit my fall outfits in haha. Here's a link to Loli's picks that I will probably update quite regularly. My first listed item to (hopefully) be sold is a pair of Gucci booties from the Babouska collection. I hope I make someone happy!


Anonymous said...

Zrovna u Tebe jsem doufal ze jednou prijde ten prodavaci den ;-) kousky jsou uzasne, urcite si neco poridim

S budnou zavidim ja svou kozenou jeste nenasla, zkousela jsem a zkousela a jedina ktera mi slusela byla z kozenky to jsem nechtela...