Introducing COS

One of my favorite places to get inspired is COS and their website that is not just offering their collection but is truly inspirational (see the "things" section or the magazine that features real interviews with fashion insiders). I go to COS at Regent Street every time I visit London and I love the one in Berlin too. The designs are so clean that it is easy to combine the things and I personally love their jewellery that is metal and simple but very eye-catching. What I like from the Fall Collection:


Anonymous said...

Tak me akorat sebraly srdce ty prvni saty a na jejich webu asymetrical trench, jiank obleceni vypada moc dobre, a prekvapila mne dobra cena.
Ty s nimi mas vetsi zkusenosti? vypada to fakt kvalitne

Loli said...

Musim rict, ze co se kvality tyka, tak jsou na tom celkove Skandinavske znacky velice dobre a tahle neni vyjimkou. Mam COS rada, protoze se cenove priblizuji spise k retezcum jako je Zara nebo Mango, ale pritom maji velice osobity styl a kvalitou bych rekla, ze jsou an tom rozhodne o tridu lepe.

Eva said...

je pravda, ze cos je kvalitni a je super, ze svou jednoduchosti a nadcasovosti se dobre kombinuje