The Bahamas&me

Not only have I already spent more than a month in New York city and the nearby beach areas but I also got to go to the Bahamas. As far as the fashion is concerned I mostly worn my denim shorts and tank tops and my by now extremely efficient $3.99 Victoria's Secret dress that makes me look like a Sicilian widow (and then there is the bikini time of course). Three observations about the Bahamas: A. amazing beaches - the Old Fort Bay is a stunning place to visit B. Bahamians are obsessed with models - from the immigration officers thru the businessmen to the waitresses almost everybody asked me if I am a model. They also asked me if they knew me from America's Next Top Model or if I trained my catwalk with Tyra Banks :D. C. if you are a good-looking woman and you don't mind to play the game "I am beautiful, you pay" you can get a lot.
I am back to New York city now but not for long as I am off to North Carolina tomorrow. I styled another test shoot today so pictures coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Zajimave postrehy, vidis to je super ze takhle nekdo reaguje...
na bahamy bych jela klidne hned