Why can I never work in mainstream fashion

I scanned the photos from the EMMYS 2010 and was ready to move on when I realized something funny. The women that topped the "worst dressed" blew me away with their originality and the ones that were considered the hottest looked like ridiculous cakes (according to me anyways).
Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta. Ouch. Cake, CAKE, C A K E ! ! ! (in navy blue but still) (+ greasy and double color hair?!)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks like she forgot a piece of fabric somewhere...the cut and sheer part is not flattering at all..might have been a different story on someone else though
Anna Paquinn was criticized for looking like a matador in this Alexander McQueen number but I disagree. Of course I could be accused of being bias and cheering for her for choosing my #1 designer but I simply believe the dress is stunning and gives her an edge.
January Jones (from Mad Men!!) couldn't choose a better color that's for sure. The dress is bold and I tend to praise the ones that take risks but in this case I truly fell in love.
All pictures from tv.popcrunch.com

Selling my wardrobe

As time goes by I find my evergreens but also the never-to-be-worn stuff and I decided I should do something about that. I have certain pieces like my leather jacket that I can wear anytime and anywhere and it always saves me on those days when you feel like you don't look good in anything :). I also have big piles of stuff that I won't wear because it was either an impulse buy or it was meant to be used for styling for a shoot and I kind of need to get rid of these because they are taking up so much space that I can't fit my fall outfits in haha. Here's a link to Loli's picks that I will probably update quite regularly. My first listed item to (hopefully) be sold is a pair of Gucci booties from the Babouska collection. I hope I make someone happy!

Introducing COS

One of my favorite places to get inspired is COS and their website that is not just offering their collection but is truly inspirational (see the "things" section or the magazine that features real interviews with fashion insiders). I go to COS at Regent Street every time I visit London and I love the one in Berlin too. The designs are so clean that it is easy to combine the things and I personally love their jewellery that is metal and simple but very eye-catching. What I like from the Fall Collection:

My dream necklace,
and a long skirt for the beginning of the fall.
And here is my new buffalo
ring I ordered from the UK jewellery brand Galibardy. I love it!

Bounty from America

These are my treasures I have collected over the summer. I particularly like the vintage earrings bought at the Brooklyn Flea Market and the Tim Burton catalogue for the Moma's exhibition that I missed by a few days. I was worried that I was gonna buy so much stuff that I would need a couple more suitcases on my way back but I did pretty well (and also dropped off a lot at Buffalo Exchange :) so apart from the excessive spending on lingerie I can be proud of myself.

Boots from JC

My new Jeffrey Campbell boots from Broadway. How do you like them??? PS: Get the lookbook FW2010 it is worth the loook! I love that kind of photography.

The Next Great Artist

Another TV show I m hopefully going to watch :)

Washington D.C.

I visited Washington D.C. for the first time on my way to North Carolina and I was pretty excited to see it. It's a beautiful city that looks very European, and I particularly liked that it feels like a beach town even though it's a very big beach town. There is enough space and parks so you can really enjoy it without feeling like you're in a mass of tourists. Since I am an art freak, as my friend recently put it, I couldn't miss the National Gallery of Art. I was amazed by the two Brancusi's Birds in Space (photo #4), which I did not expect and I can say they really are approved as my favorite sculptures. I also liked Frantisek Kupka's painting, which you can see on the second photo and the reason why I went to the gallery Rothko's Chapel. The Rothko Chapel is in Houston, Texas but was recreated in the gallery (photo #5). However not even the most beautiful art in the world can compete with the most amazing sky I've ever seen and that is how I will remember this city. The sky was pink and indigo and those two colors looked breathtaking and I couldn't get enough of it :)

Anik in Williamsburg

photo by David Surowiecki
make-up&hair: Julia Dalton-Brush
styling: Loli
model: Anik at VNY
I styled another test shoot last Thursday. Here are the pictures...I'm definitely falling for the fur trend again for the fall and ehm...leather? :) The dress in the last picture is from Buffalo Exchange and I recommend this store to everyone who wants designer clothes for magic prices. It is a second-hand place but honestly most of the clothes are just brought in by stylists who used it a couple times for shoots so it's basically new. I got this dress from Max Azria for $35 and it still has a tag on it. (Btw you can also drop off your clothes you don't want anymore and they will give you either cash or store credit). The rest of the styling is mostly Zara, H&M, Bebe and Topshop.
Yours leather obsessed Loli

The Bahamas&me

Not only have I already spent more than a month in New York city and the nearby beach areas but I also got to go to the Bahamas. As far as the fashion is concerned I mostly worn my denim shorts and tank tops and my by now extremely efficient $3.99 Victoria's Secret dress that makes me look like a Sicilian widow (and then there is the bikini time of course). Three observations about the Bahamas: A. amazing beaches - the Old Fort Bay is a stunning place to visit B. Bahamians are obsessed with models - from the immigration officers thru the businessmen to the waitresses almost everybody asked me if I am a model. They also asked me if they knew me from America's Next Top Model or if I trained my catwalk with Tyra Banks :D. C. if you are a good-looking woman and you don't mind to play the game "I am beautiful, you pay" you can get a lot.
I am back to New York city now but not for long as I am off to North Carolina tomorrow. I styled another test shoot today so pictures coming soon.

Testing in New York City

I'm not just hanging out and partying this summer I actually managed to get some work done. This is Molly from Sweden that David Surowiecki shot and I did the styling&co. I'm happy with this test mostly because it made me feel like I would be able to do something more commercial than my usual stuff and I totally need that. My favorite picture in this bunch is the first one with that long skirt. Most of the clothes are from Victoria's Secret, H&M and Bebe.
Molly is represented by VNY.