Rock for People

I decided to go to Hradec Kralove for one day/night to enjoy the atmosphere of the most popular music festival in the Czech republic Rock for People. The main star were the guys from the MUSE and I have to say they rock! Their sounded just amazing live and we managed to be pretty close to that huge stage too. It wasn't easy though as I read there were over 25.000 people coming to their gig! I discovered a band called Johny said the number, which I thought gave a really cute performance in the afternoon and I totally enjoyed Southpaw just before I left the festival area and experienced the scariest walk along the bushes. Let's hope the organization of the transportation from the festival area to downtown will improve next year or otherwise I'm taking some gun with me and a flashing vest to survive those 2km between the bus stop and the camp.


Vítězslav said...

Stylová i na festivalu pod širým nebem... Chápu to správně, že jsi nespala v tom kempu ale někde ve městě?

Loli said...

no ja nejsem uplne devce do stanu :)) jely jsme s kamaradkou po skonceni zpet do Prahy