Loli's everyday routine

photo by Nick Onken
I shot a story before I went to Milan and it cost me a few more days in Prague but it turns out it was definitely worth it! I worked with Nick Onken whose portfolio is just amazing and I was lucky to get my favorite make-up artist/hair stylist Zuzana Machalova. Special thanks to Michael Corkery and his Gallery Hunger that served as an excellent authentic Czech environment ;) (Isn't this the most photogenic kitchen?)


Katka said...

Vsetko na tej fotke je fotogenicke.. :) Vrátene tej krásnej modelky ;)))

LTD said...

I LOVED this photoshoot that you did with Nick - I'm curious as to where the scenes that look like the were shot in an apartment were done?

Love the simple noveou bohemian theme that it has!

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