My New York style vol. 1

out of Sicily (my castings outfit)
so in love with McQueen-like print
working outfit for the beach (styling a test shoot)
gig at Williamsburg
wine tasting outfit
shopping outfit

I love New York. I love NYC more than London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, etc. I just went to New Museum today and got a pink ribbon that says "I WISH I WAS A ROCKSTAR". Everyone was supposed to make a wish and write it on a piece of paper and then choose a wish ribbon he/she liked and put the paper back where the ribbon was. I tied the ribbon on my wrist and now I have to wear it until it falls off if I want my wish come true.
PS: It's heaven for shopaholics here too because where else do you have shops open until 2am so you could buy more clothes?

D&G for Chelsea

Just a quick entry to reveal the news that got me so excited this morning :). The ultra famous and ultra sexy Italian duo will design the formal suits for my favorite football team - Chelsea. I can't wait to see my hot guys in the D&G creations...Pictures coming soon hopefully.

My summer readings

I'm reading Cityboy right now and if you wanna practice your British slang I would say go for it :D Not exactly a typical summer girly reading but still pretty funny. Classy is a fun book full of very practical tips like what length is your skirt supposed to be for different occasions. An Education is a biography that was transformed into that beautiful movie with Carey Mulligan. The Beautiful Fall has been on my list for way too long so hopefully now that I have it in my purse I'll get to it. Who wouldn't want to know how t all started with Karl and Yves? The End of Fashion is somewhat mandatory to me since I wanna work in the fashion industry and this could give me useful insider's info on how this business really works since it is written by the Wall Street Journal Fashion specialist.
What are you reading in the summer? Any tips for the beach? :)

Shopping in the US

Betsey Johnson ring
Shopping addict...I never thought I would call myself that but I might after today's and yesterday's running around getting to my temporary home in Brooklyn with too many bags. is very hard to resist! Who wouldn't buy Victoria's secret pin-up looking panties for $2? Who wouldn't buy a way too sexy piece of sleepwear for $3.99? Could I possibly leave that silky Armani shirt on the hanger considering it's 70% off? No, no and no. Of course not! So I'll share a couple of my treasures with you right now...

Paris in three days

Karl on my favorite drink
Black Block shop

my favorite sculpture

I look so French haha
the reason of my visit - YSL retrospective

I was in Paris....just as beautiful as last summer. After a couple days with my girlfriend (solid party time) I'm off to the States and I can't wait. Enjoy your summer!

Latex and Lies

Here it is - my biggest project so far "LATEX AND LIES". I love black and I love leather so I decided to shoot a story that was going to be totally "mine". I produced it, which means finding a place to shoot, hiring a make-up artist+hair stylist, getting styling, booking a model and of course finding the right photographer.
Thanks to all!

styling and production by Loli
make-up/hair by Kacenka Lorencova
studio: Fabion

Preen meets Prague

dress: Preen line, clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, sandals: Aldo, aviators: Ray Ban
I know everyone is getting crazy over the sales but I don't share this passion because I kind of feel like I've seen all these pieces at H&M, Zara, Mango, etc. million times before so I haven't bought a single thing and I'm not even planning on it. That means I'm technically saving money so I invested in a Preen dress from instead. I fell in love the second I saw it online and I haven't fallen out :)


photo by David Surowiecki
make up/hair: Marta Santorova
styling: Loli Lo
Sona Skoncova is another finalist of Miss Slovakia 2009 and she also works with
PH models.

Rock for People

I decided to go to Hradec Kralove for one day/night to enjoy the atmosphere of the most popular music festival in the Czech republic Rock for People. The main star were the guys from the MUSE and I have to say they rock! Their sounded just amazing live and we managed to be pretty close to that huge stage too. It wasn't easy though as I read there were over 25.000 people coming to their gig! I discovered a band called Johny said the number, which I thought gave a really cute performance in the afternoon and I totally enjoyed Southpaw just before I left the festival area and experienced the scariest walk along the bushes. Let's hope the organization of the transportation from the festival area to downtown will improve next year or otherwise I'm taking some gun with me and a flashing vest to survive those 2km between the bus stop and the camp.

Mila at the beach

top: Zara, bikini bottom: ?, necklace: Banana Republic, belt: ?
top: H&M against AIDS
army t-shirt: Zara, bikini bottom: ?, bracelet: H&M men
bathing suit: H&M, bracelet: COS
top: Zara, bathing suit: H&M, bracelets: Mango, H&M
cover-up: H&M, bikini top: American Apparel, bikini bottom: ?
photo by David Surowiecki
styling: Loli Lo
I was lucky that I got to style a model test at the beach. Although I thought it would have been better with a little bit more cheerful girl the pictures look amazing. All of the pictures are styled by me and I was also doing the hair and make-up. Shooting at the beach is always fun for me and this location near Genova in Italy was just breathtaking.
Mila Mihaljic at 2morrow models Milan