Barbora Franekova

photo by David Surowiecki, make-up&hair: Marta Santorova, styling: Loli
Barbora is the Miss Slovakia 2009 and is currently represented by PH models. Her face is stunning and I thought she looked a bit like Christy Turlington in some pictures :)

Prosecco campaign

I just discovered my ad + video on the website of the company and it made me quite happy. I really liked the hair and the general feeling the team created with the smoke and old-school café, etc. Also I have to recommend this brand in case you like prosecco because it really tastes good and isn't too sweet or bubbly like a lot of the other ones I've drunk.

Light Dolls

I'm addicted to Diet Coke and so I couldn't resist to post this commercial :)

Italian summer 2010

newly open Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Milan
my new studded bikini from Oysho
going out to Just Cavalli club
the Leaning Tower
the IT football team advertising for D&G
the country of pizza
logos everywhere
the World Cup at Duomo beach time
beach at Nervi
iced cappuccino from California Bakery

British in Italia

Alexander McQueen t-shirt purchased on eBay, skull necklace from Topshop
I can't stop wearing this t-shirt :) My Milanese outfits mostly consist of dresses since it's so hot here now but occasionally I get to show my beloved designer around the town. Besides the fact that I like promoting my favorite designer (not a big fan of wearing logos on though) it fits in very well with my skull obsession.

Young Karls where are you

I can't help but wonder how do the Italians do it...To me it is a mystery but they have the money (or maybe there is a rule of getting a Prada purse automatically once you turn 18) and they have the resources to buy all the designers clothes at bargain prices during the major sales twice a year or anytime at the outlets but they end up with the "wrong" look. The very common Italian look just feels somewhat stiff and not modern. Though it might be the wanna-live-in-London part of Loli talking so let's just not take it too seriously :). Anyways yesterday I saw this younger copy of Karl Lagerfeld on the tram and while I was trying to avoid an immediate death of heat in my very light neon dress he was standing there lean and tall in his black shorts, white shirt, black suit jacket and skinny black tie finishing his perfect look with the ultimate cool shades and silver LV sneakers that looked custom-made. Well that should be the Milan look! I wish Milan more people like that and in the meantime I'm gonna try to enjoy the beaches around. Pictures coming soon :)
PS: People on the tram did not stare at this guy like they would in Prague. Somehow I feel like anybody wearing something else than a t-shirt and a pair jeans gets way too much attention.

Test with Sabina

bathing suit: Diesel, hat: Topman, bracelets: Sonia for H&M
bathing suit: ?, jacket: Stella for Adidas, bracelet: COS, socks: Reserved, boots: Gucci
I'm hoping to see her on COSMOgirl! cover :D

Neon I like you

dress: H&M, belt: vintage, cuff: Mango, shades: Dior
While getting a lot of styling for tomorrow shoot I was enjoying this dress for the first time today. I have to say there is a disadvantage to it: grabs the attention of most people around you but otherwise it is an amazing summer dress!

Work vs. Party

jacket: Matthew Williamson for H&M, necklace: Tiffany, belt: London markets, t-shirt: Topman, jeans: Zaradress: Garden collection H&M, biker jacket: Karen Millen, tights: Wolford, clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, peep toe heels: Manolo Blahnik
This is exactly the difference between my comfortable heel-less look that is essential when I work or go to school or need to run to 6 different stores to get the clothes I'm looking for and my party look when I know I can and want to dress up and just use all the best my wardrobe has to offer. I know there are people who supposedly look all the same going to an open air music festival in the rain and going to the opera (think of Dita von Teese for instance) but I can't do that. I do love heels and I do have a pair of Manolos and Gucci boots and Dior sandals but I don't love them enough to wear them all the time.
Do you wear the same going to work/school and going out?