Campaign for prosecco

As a model you get all kinds of jobs and let's be honest here many times it really isn't that exciting (think about showrooms for instance...) but occasionally there's something that makes you very excited. I'm a moderate drinker and I enjoy good wine (who doesn't?) but I just found out that there's something I enjoy far more and that is drinking while working. To make a long story short I was booked to shoot a campaign for prosecco in Padova, a lovely town near Milan. I left Prague on Thursday afternoon after my morning class at the university and several extremely stressful hours of traveling (taxi-plane-bus-train-taxi) later I arrived to hotel Plaza just before midnight to get a couple hours of sleep before the early morning shoot. Here's a sneak-peak... 1. the set 2. in the making 3. preview 4. day after


Foly D. Sante said...

riadne vzrusujuci zivot mas..hlavne to cestovanie ti zavidim:)

STEFANIE said...

Looks lovely!
Oh and about that comment you left on my blog over a month ago (oops, I should be quicker in replying to everyone!), I loove Das Pop too! I can't believe you managed to get one of those silver balloons, I was reaching for one too when they cut them off after the performance, but unfortunately there were some tall guys right next to me - long story short- my arms were too short. Booo! :D

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