Riverside photography

tank top: If Six Was Nine, hat: Public Beware London, bra: Victoria's Secret
stylist and model: Loli
photo by: Iva Haj
One very rare sunny afternoon (this weather sucks!) I met with a photographer Iva Haj. We both wanted to get a nice, clean portrait of me and so it was made. It was an extremely quick shoot but the results didn't suffer from it. Thanks Iva! :)

My favorite styling

I have been styling quite a lot these days and these images are my current favorites. I worked today as well but it was a typical test shoot so it was hard to put together some real outfit. Do you like these? Would you wear it? :P
body: Jeannis, belt: stylist's own (a.k.a. can't remember :D), bracelets: COS, bra: H&M, platform sandals: Christopher Kane for Topshop
photo by: Michal Skramusky
pants: ZARA, top: Miss Sixty, bracelet silver: H&M, black: market, necklace: Burberry
photo by: Lucie Krystofova
bra:H&M, top: Topshop, leggings: American Apparel, bracelets: Topshop and Spitafields market, platform sandals: Christopher Kane for Topshop
photo by: Richard Nowak

Selling my Dior

I'm selling my Dior purse. If you are interested please visit this eBay link:
Extremely good condition and if sold in the Czech republic the shipping costs just 45CZK.
(Prodavam svoji Dior kabelku z kolekce Gaucho. Je ve vyborne kondici a samozrejme ji dodam s originalnim protiprachovym pytlem a certifikatem o autenticnosti, na pozadani predlozim ucet z butiku v Parizske ulici. Je to prava Dior! V pripade prodeje v CR je postovne jen 45CZK. Pokud mate jakekoliv dotazy, nevahejte mi napsat.)

Alexander has a follower

picture from elleuk.com
It is official now that the new creative director of the label Alexander McQueen is going to be Sarah Burton. It is not a surprising choice made by the Gucci group, which owns the label, since Sarah has been working with Lee for the past 16 years. According to elleuk.com Sarah intends to stay true to Lee's vision and therefore I hope we will keep seeing some really unique creations like the ones from the last collection (Sarah was the one who finished the collection after Lee's death). He was my favorite designer out of all because his designs were the closest to my heart and I particularly fell in love with all the skulls and death motives he used recently. I soo hope the spring/summer 2011 collection will be breathtaking as all of the previous McQueen's collections!

My Space

Since I have finished all my exams I have holidays and that means I finally have time to do things that might sound like the worst (yep cleaning up) but I actually enjoy them. I reorganized my bedroom and so I decided to show you a bit of my private space. BTW I have A LOT more of jewelry but what you can see there on the shelf is my current favorite.

Sporting my new H&M dress

Hi everybody! I went to check out the newly open gallery in Kutna Hora GASK. They have some seriously good art there and there's also Emil Filla's collection of art (photographs of everything that inspired him) until the end of the summer. Worth seeing! Anyways I sported my yesterday purchased dress and I can't wait to wear it to a summer festival :). And for those who are bored and don't know what to do at home - try homemade sushi. I did a couple times and I can just say I'm getting better and better.

Exam time miserable time

I didn't even have time to sit down and select pictures from my Latex and Lies story because it's exam time for me right now. I just finished one essay setting my alarm clock for 6am to be able to write another one and hand it in by 2pm and right afterwards another exam...blah blah blah. Shopping recovery needed afterwards and bar recovery needed even more later on (blushing). Anyways here's a few snaps from the past couple days. Yes I've been to the BEP gig and it was awesome :)

Latex and Lias

I'm extremely busy these days because I have four exams this week. It's a lot of history and a lot of art I have to get into my head so I have little time for anything else. Though I finally managed to shoot one story I have been thinking about for some time and here's a very short video from yesterday. Check out how my friend Klaudie poses :)

photo by: David Surowiecki
make-up & hair: Katerina Lorencova
production & styling by: Loli
model: Klaudie Kovacova

Campaign for prosecco

As a model you get all kinds of jobs and let's be honest here many times it really isn't that exciting (think about showrooms for instance...) but occasionally there's something that makes you very excited. I'm a moderate drinker and I enjoy good wine (who doesn't?) but I just found out that there's something I enjoy far more and that is drinking while working. To make a long story short I was booked to shoot a campaign for prosecco in Padova, a lovely town near Milan. I left Prague on Thursday afternoon after my morning class at the university and several extremely stressful hours of traveling (taxi-plane-bus-train-taxi) later I arrived to hotel Plaza just before midnight to get a couple hours of sleep before the early morning shoot. Here's a sneak-peak... 1. the set 2. in the making 3. preview 4. day after

Spring wishlist

pictures are courtesy of Outnet.com and Net-a-porter.com
No I'm not planning to get married but I saw this dress on Outnet.com this morning and I fell apart....a little version of the famous wedding gown from Vivienne for Carrie :). I mean if I could get my hands on this I would just save it for the big day no matter how long it would still be the most breathtaking wedding outfit. The second picture is the only think I'm seriously considering buying in the States this summer because I love the color, the shape (soo summery) and most importantly this  Acne magenta miracle is affordable. Last but not least I just can't get my eyes of anything from Miu Miu for this season. The prints are so unbelievably cute!
What can't you live without this spring??

Slovak girls vol. 2

photo by Richard Nowak
My favorite from this series is the last look. A I love London (look) B Red is the only bold color I believe you can never go wrong with C American Apparel can make any outfit rock
1. H&M ring, American Apparel bra
2. Banana Republic pearl/chain necklace, black necklace from a market, Victoria's Secret bra, H&M shirt, Mango skirt, Reserved socks, Gucci ankle boots
3. H&M bra, Topshop top, American Apparel tights, bracelets from Spitafields market London, Christopher Kane for Topshop platforms
What do you think?

Blueberry nights competition

source: netaporter.com, media.onsugar.com, artnet.com
the color of this month in my mind is: B L U E
what about a competition: "my favorite BLUE"? :)
send me your favorite piece and the bloggers will decide about the winner!
pro me je barvou tohoto mesice MODRA
co takhle soutez ve stylu "moje oblibena MODRA"? :)
poslete mi svuj oblibeny kousek a blogeri rozhodnou!
(prize is a secret for now :)