Fashion weekend in Prague

Follow my blog with bloglovinThere were two fashion events this weekend in Prague - CodeMode, a weekend festival of free fashion designers selling their stuff and CZ!PL Performance, a co-operation of two Czech and two Polish designers. 
CodeMode was not a disappointment for me only because it was no better than last year. I feel like the accessories designs available there are quite cool but the clothing tends to be overpriced and cheap-looking. I stayed for the "fashion shows" on Friday and my overall experience could be summarized as "too long" (seeing an awkward 6 min dance on a stage is not gonna make you buy the dress). On top of that the models were not so great looking and many of the outfits were just several versions of one thing.
CZ!PL Performance felt more professional. Maybe a bit off topic reviewing a fashion show but the VJs did a great job and the music was also (more my style :) ) relevant support to each performance. I liked some of the dresses even though it was quite hard to see them and I admired the fresh and summery colors of the menswear from Sistersconspiracy
Check out the video from NoD/Roxy and tell me what you think.