A bit of culture

photo by Steven Meisel and you can find the whole editorial here
I have a couple cultural tips for you :)
I've visited the Jiri Georg Dokoupil exhibition located at Konirna (Prague Castle) and it's definitely worth seeing. I see this artist as a very important one also because of his ability to come up with such unique techniques. I loved the pieces done by the bubble blower... If you are looking for smart and fun comedy with a lot of English humor go and see An Education. I got really excited for the main character, who was by the way excellently played by Carey Mulligan possibly my new favorite actress, and I thought it is soo real I could see myself back then falling for that man for sure.
Also I have some tips what to do/see in the summer: Grace Kelly exhibition at Victoria&Albert museum in London and YSL retrospective at Petit Palais Musee Des Beaux-Arts De La Ville De-Paris whch I definitely have to see.
And don't forget to play :)