A bit of culture

photo by Steven Meisel and you can find the whole editorial here
I have a couple cultural tips for you :)
I've visited the Jiri Georg Dokoupil exhibition located at Konirna (Prague Castle) and it's definitely worth seeing. I see this artist as a very important one also because of his ability to come up with such unique techniques. I loved the pieces done by the bubble blower... If you are looking for smart and fun comedy with a lot of English humor go and see An Education. I got really excited for the main character, who was by the way excellently played by Carey Mulligan possibly my new favorite actress, and I thought it is soo real I could see myself back then falling for that man for sure.
Also I have some tips what to do/see in the summer: Grace Kelly exhibition at Victoria&Albert museum in London and YSL retrospective at Petit Palais Musee Des Beaux-Arts De La Ville De-Paris whch I definitely have to see.
And don't forget to play :)

Slovak girls

photo by Richard Nowak
This is my recent work as a stylist. I styled a whole bunch of Slovak girls over the weekend. They are very new to model business so we were trying to create a look for them and put together some nice portfolio so the girls could start some serious work. More photos are coming soon. You are more than welcome to comment on my work.

Summery Sunday

I've been really busy for the past week with school and styling. Finally I was able to enjoy the summer a bit yesterday and had a good time on a boat and in the movies and in Topshop, etc. Have an amazing summer!

Another high-street chain comes to Prague

I think I speak for most of us 20 something youngsters when I say we are happy to have H&M in the Czech republic. It brings us the trends on a weekly basis with price tags that don't make us feel like we will go bankrupt if we give in to our immediate desires. Well here we go with another store full of affordable young designs from Northern Europe. You can find Lindex in the Chodov shopping mall on the first floor. I personally fell in love with their lingerie line including the adorable tutu skirts! Lindex offers a line for kids and plus-size women as well.

My styling on models.com!!

photo by David Surowiecki
I styled a few testshoots in Milan and here I see my styling on the so popular website models.com. Maikee is featured in the new faces of the season and "my" pictures are the first 4 plus 2 more towards the end of her portfolio. Good luck girl!

Fashion dictatrix

I shot this ad today and I'm quite happy about it. As you may know from my profile info I've recently started to work as a stylist and these campaigns help me to create a solid commercial portfolio. Anyway this time I worked twice as hard - stylist + model :).
Dneska jsem fotila tuhle reklamu a docela me potesila. Jak mozna vite z meho profilu, nedavno jsem zacala pracovat jako stylistka  a tyto kampane jsou dobre do komercniho portfolia. V kazdem pripade jsem dnes pracovala obzvlast tezce - stylistka a modelka v jednom :).

Roma 1963

Here is my amateur video from a fashion shoot in Rome as I promised a few posts back. Enjoy the Italian atmosphere and just perfect model Michele de Feo! 
Photographed by David Surowiecki (www.davidsurowiecki.com) and styled by me. 
Special thanks to the Czech designers sistersconspiracy (http://www.sistersconspiracy.cz/?lg=cz)

Fashion weekend in Prague

Follow my blog with bloglovinThere were two fashion events this weekend in Prague - CodeMode, a weekend festival of free fashion designers selling their stuff and CZ!PL Performance, a co-operation of two Czech and two Polish designers. 
CodeMode was not a disappointment for me only because it was no better than last year. I feel like the accessories designs available there are quite cool but the clothing tends to be overpriced and cheap-looking. I stayed for the "fashion shows" on Friday and my overall experience could be summarized as "too long" (seeing an awkward 6 min dance on a stage is not gonna make you buy the dress). On top of that the models were not so great looking and many of the outfits were just several versions of one thing.
CZ!PL Performance felt more professional. Maybe a bit off topic reviewing a fashion show but the VJs did a great job and the music was also (more my style :) ) relevant support to each performance. I liked some of the dresses even though it was quite hard to see them and I admired the fresh and summery colors of the menswear from Sistersconspiracy
Check out the video from NoD/Roxy and tell me what you think.

Roman wardrobe

This is what I was wearing in Rome last week. I have to say that the sun makes dressing up so much more fun! I'm still very much in love with black and red.

My recent spring purchases

The warm days are here - time for subtle colors and some fun! Here is what I've bought recently: a pair of nude patent leather peep-toe heels, a French-style straw hat and an English Accents Lipglass + make up bag courtesy of MAC for Liberty London.

A little bit of Rome

I just came back from Rome. The Dolce Vita city is very inspiring since you can see great artworks literally everywhere you look. Definitely worth the visit! I also managed to style a men's story there and the video will be here soon.

Give me Liberty of London

The long-established (completed in 1924!) department store on Regent Street in Central London is on-trend this year. First Manolo Blahnik the genius  shoemaker celebrated so much by Patricia Field in Sex and the City announced a collaboration, which will result into accessories with the Liberty print and comeback of some Manolos redesigned also in the Liberty style. Now there is the Liberty for Target collection available online and most importantly today is the MAC cosmetics special edition Give Me Liberty London day. Together with lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders you can also purchase a cute colorful makeup bag or scarf. "Bloomingly lovely!"