Last Rocker

jacket: All Saints gift from Praguedog, t-shirt: K Karl Lagerfeld gift from my girlfriend, pants: Acne, necklace: COS, bag: Givenchy gift from my mom

I quite successfully arrived to JFK on Tuesday if I don't count that the plane had to circle around New York for an hour because only one runway was cleaned up from snow and the fact that they let us sit on the plane for nearly another 3(!) hours on the runway because the gates were occupied by other aircrafts. Anyways I'm still considered lucky because I was supposed to fly directly from Prague on the 26th and when I found out my flight was cancelled due to the snowstorm I made them change my flight to a KLM one through Amsterdam only two days afterwards and because the flights were full (yes surprisingly people need to travel during the holidays) I got a business class treat. I can tell you that JFK looked like a refugee camp and I felt bad for all the people that have to spend Christmas time sleeping on a floor with hand luggage instead of a pillow. So unless you have to try to avoid flying these days (including Europe).
On a lighter note I went shopping yesterday and bought myself my first jumpsuit ever for...almost free :). And I've already started to read Life from Keith Richards and it is highly entertaining. On the other hand The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp is a nice little movie with great locations and good casting but I somewhat felt they could have gotten more out of this amazing cast.

Christmas is all around us

my family starts the day with brunch at the Municipal House
and here they are: my biggest wish the Burberry aviator boots
first time wearing them was at cafe Savoy for brunch with my girls
Christmas is always a strange time for me as it follows my final exams which is always a very stressful time. I jump from high stress to nothing to do (but never bored!). I buy my presents early and I usually get them either while traveling so this time it was mainly from New York and London or I order them online. I try to give my friends&family something more rare and hard to get rather than a t-shirt from the chains. Christmas also equals to more time for my beloved including my friend who lives far far away and only comes twice a year. I hope I made the ones I like happy because they did make me happy and that's what it should be about. Enjoy the rest of the year and hopefully my next post will be from NYC if the snow storm goes away soon enough. Let's invade the stores now while the sales last!

Not just another label shopping

Check it out! You can find all of these here.
My new obsession is the jewelry and lingerie from this e-shop.

What to do at Christmas

What I'm planning to do this holiday:
WATCH BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S like every Christmas!
EXERCISE (a little)...

What is your Christmas thing? What do you watch every Christmas? Where do you go?

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Krest toho nejlepsiho z Prahy

Vcera jsem diky Olze Karpecke stravila prijemny vecer na modni prehlidce podporovane casopisem Look a bavila jsem se skvele prave diky dobre spolecnosti, se kterou jsem sdilela sve castecne znechuceni a pobaveni zaroven. Akce se odehravala v pomerne luxusnim a zajimavem prostredi Sacre Cour v Holeckove ulici. Prostor bych poradatelum zajiste (jako jednu z mala veci) pochvalila, vcetne vizualni projekce. Co se programu tyka, tak romska tanecni skupina byla jakz takz, tedy z celeho programu asi nejuveritelnejsi, horsi uz byla skupina Verona a znudene a ponekud nepatricne pusobici tanecnice kankanu. Bohuzel nejpodstatnejsi cast vecera vyplnovaly modni prehlidky a to bylo tedy opravdu neco. Hlavni hvezdy, kvuli kterym se cela akce konala, byly ctyri bulvarum znalym jiste povedome tvare v cele s Prusovou. Prehlidky byly celkem 3 a vlastne nedokazu rict, ktera byla nejhorsi. Jako prvni se predvadely modely, ktere se fotily do kalendare, jez se ten vecer drazil a vytezek z prodeje sel (dikybohu aspon za to!) na podporu UNICEF. Modely pry znameho navrhare me uvadely v uzas, jelikoz o umelotinu vseho druhu opravdu nebylo nouze+cim vic trpytu a krajek k tomu, tim lepe. Nasledovala prehlidka odevu stylu "co jsem doma nasla, v tom se projdu po molu", jinak si nahodnou kombinaci kvetinove tuniky, trpytkatych satu, nelichotive se zarezavajicich legin a teplakovek opravdu nedokazu vysvetlit. Nicmene ta tresnicka na dortu nas teprve mela cekat, obe jsme se na sebe s Olgou podivaly a vybuchly smichy, kdyz se zacalo predvadet "luxusni" pradlo s obligatnimi satky, aby se zakryla i tak viditelne nedokonale casti tela. Jednoduse receno, jedna modelka rukama mavala tak, ze sedet v prvni rade bojim se o oko, dalsi mela asi spatne aplikovany Botox, pze mela jedno oko o hodne vyse nez druhe a celkove ta mimika pokulhavala a ma nejoblibebejsi sebou mrskala jako kapr, az jsme si rikaly, ze to ty silikony nevydrzi. Abych ale jen nekritizovala, welcome drink mi vylozene chutnal (ja si te najdu!) a pri odchodu jsem dostala tak nadhernou ruzi, ze je mi lito, ze jsem dnes odjela na hory a nechala ji samotnou. Prostor se po celou dobu snazili vytopit a celkem se to i povedlo a par modelek se snazilo a i vypadalo dobre. Nicmene jeste si neodpustim kritiku navstevniku, opravdu povazujete kalhoty a vytahany svetr za malou vecerni?? V tom pripade nechci videt, v cem chodite "normalne".
Preji hezky vikend ze Svycarska!

Leopard with Cheetah and Supermarket

Waiting for Godot - one of my favorite plays!
I decided to visit Design Supermarket before jetting off to London hoping to find some cute little treats to place under the Christmas tree to complement the big presents :).
And my last night outfit
occasion: my last exam (ever?!) done
mood: relief, euphoria
brands: senso, Lanvin for H&M, Wolford

Shoe Galleries

(click for bigger image)
I spent the weekend in London and considerable amount of time was dedicated to the Selfridges Shoe Galleries. I didn't buy anything but let's be honest - I was only able to resist because I know what I'm getting for Christmas :). Anyways what I love about this huge space filled with shoes is the price range. You can comfortably spend hundreds of pounds there on a new pair of Louboutins or get a trendy pair under 100 pounds. My choice would be these shiny cuties with a stable wide heel (sky high though!).
Too bad Selfridges do domestic shipping only!
My secret tip for those who really have everything and are hard to buy for: Barbie football

My Black Inspiration For Holiday Season

I love these so much... Enjoy!