Indian Summer Lover

 Pietro Filipi hat, Zara dress, Burberry Prorsum bag, Gucci boots, Tag Heuer watch
I just want to go back to Paris and its Indian summer and go out care-free with bare legs and wet hair… Yes I'm guilty of not styling my hair :). Hats are great…but new heels are better. Much better.
Chci proste zpet do Parize a chci zpet babi leto, abych mohla vyjit ven bezstarostna, s nahyma nohama a mokryma vlasama… Ano, priznavam svou vinu, nestyluji si vlasy. Klobouky jsou super vec… ale nove boty jsou lepsi. O moc lepsi. 

Raised on Champagne

Rad t-shirt, Diesel shorts, Burberry Prorsum clutch, Prada shades, Tag Heuer watch, Aldo sandals
I love champagne. I really do… so when I saw this tee I thought it was perfect for me. I took it with me to Paris as well because Paris is the city of champagne to me (and boy did I drink it there…). Meanwhile I enjoy it every now and then here in New York.
Next up: Paris post
Miluju sampanske. Opravdu… takze kdyz jsem videla tohle tricko, prislo mi, ze je proste uplne pro me. Vzala jsem si ho i do Parize, protoze to je pro me mesto sampanskeho (a ze jsem si ho tam neodpirala…).  V mezicase si obou obcas uzivam i tady v New Yorku. 
Priste: clanek z Parize

Designblok 2014

Isabel Marant for H&M coat, Zara shorts, Steven Madden boots
My favorite thing from Designblok was this swing. I couldn't resist to try it out… 
Na Designbloku me nejvic dostala tahle houpacka. Nemohla jsem si ji nevyzkouset...

New In: Gucci

Gucci Pre-Fall 2015 leather platform ankle boot with 5.5" heel
Dear boots,
you are a love at first sight. I fell for you when I saw weeks ago in Bombay. Now I spotted you again in Paris but you were not the right color. Ultimate they had to deliver you to me all the way from Cannes. It was a long journey but I'm sure we will be happy together.
Moje milovane boots,
byly jste laskou na prvni pohled. Zamilovala jsem se uz pred nekolika tydny v Bombayi. Ted jsem vas znovu uvidela v Parizi, ale nebyly jste moje barva. Nakonec mi vas dorucili az z Cannes… Byla to dlouha cesta, ale jsem si jista, ze spolu budeme stastni.

Hat and heels

dress Givenchy, bag Dior, hat Pietro Filipi, heels Saint Lauren
Snapped right before the madness of New York fashion week started… I'll show you my favorite collections from the spring/summer season in my next post.
Vyfocena tesne pred silenstvim New Yorskeho fashion weeku… V pristim prispevku mam ukazu, ktere kolekce me na sezonu jaro/leto zaujaly nejvic.


I just got back from my trip to India and I decided to share a few tips with you. I'm going to start with this old fort just because it's still wedding season and this is a very popular honeymoon spot. The fort was built in the 15th century and served as a home to the Neemrana rulers. The ruler moved away when it started to fall apart and unable to sell it he decided to do some reconstruction. It reopened in 1991 as a palace style hotel and its twelve levels now offer two swimming pools, spa, amphitheatre, conference room, seven different types of suites and rooms and a couple spots to eat and drink.
It takes about 2hrs to drive there from Delhi and you can find all the information here.
Prave jsem se vratila z pobytu v Indii a rozhodla jsem se podelit o par tipu. Zacnu touhle starou pevnosti, protoze je svatebni sezona v plnem proudu a tohle je velmi popularni destinace na libanky. Pevnost byla postavena uz v 15. stoleti a slouzila jako domov vladcum Neemrany. Vladar se odstehoval pryc, kdyz se pevnost zacala rozpadat a po neuspesnych pokusech o prodej se pustil do rekonstrukce. V roce 1991 byla pevnost znovu otevrena jako hotel a jejich dvanact podlazi dnes nabizi dva bazeny, wellness, amfiteatr, konferencni mistnost, sedm typu suit a pokoju a nekolik mist k obcerstveni.
Z Delhi je to cca 2 hodiny autem a vsechny informace najdete tady.


Zara tank, skirt and heels
Zara shirt and skirt, Burberry Prorsum clutch, Aldo sandals
I noticed I have a thing for knots… Yes there was a time when it felt inappropriate and only teens would wear it on their rock bands tees but I find it refreshing now.
Nemuzu si pomoct, ale zacaly se mi libit uzle. Ano, pamatuji si zive obdobi, kdy vazat si tricko na uzel bylo v poradku, jen pokud jste teenager a zrovna mate na sobe tricko svoji oblibene rockove kapely… Jenze ted mi to zase prijde "nove" a tak trochu to ozivi moje letni outfity.
How can you wear it? Just like Daria Werbowy wore this Gucci combo for Vogue US…
Jak to muzete nosit? Treba tak jako Daria Werbowy predvedla tohle Gucci combo v americk√©m Vogue…
Elle France

Money changer

Versace Jeans t-shirt, Mango jeans and sandals, Burberry Prorsum clutch, Tag Heuer watch and Ray Ban aviators
I just spent a month in India and this is my first outfit post from there. I carefully chose my outfit to fit this place :).
Pave jsem stravila mesic v Indii a tohle je muj prvni outfit prispevek odtamtud. Snazila jsem se peclive vybrat outfit, ktery by se na tuto ulici hodil a myslim, ze se povedlo :).

Books and my little (widow) black dress

 Mango dress, Ray Ban aviators, Steven Madden boots
What is your summer version of a little black dress?
Jaka je vase letni varianta "malych cernych"?

Colorful Proenza

Zara jacket and shorts, Proenza Schouler tank, Aldo sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses
Summer in New York is hot&humid and calls for bright colors and delightful drinks… though it is temporarily over for me because I'm in India right now. Let's see how much time I'll find here to blog between all those adventures and possibly jobs. 
Leto v New Yorku je horke&dusne a zada si zarive barvy a osvezujici drinky… ikdyz to se me ted na chvili netyka, protoze se prave nachazim v Indii. Uvidime, kolik casu mi tu zbyde na blogovani mezi vsim tim dobrodruzstvim a doufejme i praci.