My Top 2 in Sri Lanka

Since I'm about to pack for my next asian adventure I decided to throw in a post about my 2 favorite hotels in Sri Lanka. 

Casa Colombo in the capital - West Coast
Hands down the most excited I've ever been about a hotel was when I convinced my boyfriend we absolutely must stay at Casa Colombo. There are only 12 suites and I have never felt this private in a hotel before. I have a thing for these colonial buildings (though filled with hi-tech accessories and modern bathrooms). This one was renovated exactly to my taste and I could totally imagine myself spending weeks in there… with my own butler who was more like a PA. Sigh. 
Having the luxury of a double vanity is a must for me and my boyfriend in order not to kill each other
Hastens beds are the kind of treat I very much appreciate.
I fell in love with this phone so much that I got one for my birthday. You could say Casa Colombo brings out the playful you...
 The dining area features these super cool yogis that levitate above you while you indulge in your breakfast.

Maalu Maalu Resort&Spa in Pasikuda Bay - East Coast
My second option for Sri Lanka is the free-spirited Maalu Maalu resort. It was built away from pretty much everything so it is the place to go if you enjoy running along the beach with only the sea next to you and the sky above you. I, as the representative of a hard-core city girl, loved being sort of trapped in a wooden chalet for a couple of days. Our daily activities didn't vary too much but swimming, running, eating delicious food and catching up on sleep seemed more than enough to get me ready for another hike, safari adventure or just crazy busy city life. My favorite part though was the rain shower. There is nothing like taking a shower when you can literally feel the monsoon rain. 
I always liked having the beach close to the pool. Or the pool to the beach?

Monochrome Outfit

Karl Donoghue jacket, Zara shirt, All Saints jeans, G-Star Raw boots
Black and white… so seasonless… I can't believe I haven't shown you my boots here yet! I love them. And yes I do need a haircut.
Cerna a bila… takova multi sezonni kombinace… Nechapu, jaktoze jsem Vam jeste neukazala svoje nove boots. Miluju je! A ano potrebuji ostrihat.

What to do in New York fall/winter

Whitney museum
My first tip has to be museums. Why? Well where else can you spend an unlimited amount of time while learning new things and be warm when it's freezing or raining outside? I actually love a gloomy rainy day spent browsing a great exhibition. Oh and you know the "new" Whitney museum is opening in spring 2015 in downtown so we won't even have to travel that far for this one any more… My number one though in New York is the Met with their permanent collection of japanese warriors on display and pretty innovative fashion exhibitions.
David Zwirner gallery
Gagosian New York
Another way how to get cultured is to spend an afternoon walking through the Chelsea district. The Chelsea galleries are for free and open 5-6 days a week. Avoid coming on Sundays because you'll find closed doors and some of the galleries are also closed on Mondays. The majority shows pieces from contemporary artists but you might occasionally stumble upon modern art as well. The only drawback might be the fact that if there's an artist that is on high demand in New York you might have to stand in a pretty long line to get into the gallery. (Like when I was waiting over 3hrs in the crazy cold last winter to see Yayoi Kusama's Infinity room…)
Shopping. It sounds like it's the obvious thing to do but trust me it is so much better to shop during the fall or winter. I feel like the stores carry a much better selection compared to the summer. I was always able to find some amazing deals on originally sky high priced items… Look for Black Friday, Christmas deals and post-Christmas markdowns as well as the less obvious but a lot more exciting sample sales. Check out Racked or Stylish City for the list of current and upcoming sample sales. When there are none there's always the shoe department at Bergdorfs though…
And last but not least try the Citibike! I'm more likely to enjoy it when it's not too hot outside and hey who doesn't need to burn the calories from last night's margaritas...

Holidays Wishlist

Chandigargh's charm

Rock Garden
Open Hand
the Capitol Complex
Hands down the most attractive sight in India I have seen. Me and my boyfriend took a weekend trip to Chandigargh and we were both blown away. You certainly don't expect to find such a beautiful, clean, comfortable and smart city in the middle of India. 
The entire city was planned by Le Corbusier in the 1950's and sadly it is his only project of such kind to be realized. He planned Chandigargh as an ideal environment for its citizens. The city was decided into 47 Sectors that are supposedly self-sufficient and should be able to cater to most needs of their inhabitants. Sectors are rectangular and measure 800m x 1200m and are similar to each other with the exception of Sectors that are primarily designed as non-residential (for colleges, industry, etc…). This exquisite sample of urban planning attracts about a million tourist per year. Well I will be back...

Boots Season

There's only a few things I like about fall. Boots are definitely on top of that list. And then the feeling when you put your cashmere or wool scarf around your neck for the first time after half a year… Yeah fall is not that bad :). Apart from fashion fall is surely the most exciting season culture-wise. I feel like the best movies come out and let's face it we are more likely to read something meaningful cozying up under the blanket as soon as it gets dark outside than we are under the umbrella by the pool. I personally also feel more drawn towards museums and galleries… So what do you say I give you some tips for what to see and what to enjoy these days? 
Lanvin for H&M coat, Ana Geisel for Pietro Filipi tuxedo dress, Dior saddle bag, Gucci boots
Je jen par veci, ktere mam na podzimu rada. Kozacky jsou urcite na uplnem vrcholu tohoto seznamu. A taky ten pocit, kdyz se zabalite do kasmirove nebo vlnene saly po tom pul roce… Dobre, podzim neni tak spatny :). Pokud opomeneme modu, podzim je pro me take bezesporu nejzajimavejsim obdobim, co se kultury tyka. Mam pocit, ze se vydavaji ty nejlepsi filmy a co si budeme povidat, taky je vetsi pravdepodobnost, ze se zacteme do neceho smysluplneho, kdyz venku padne tma a my se zavrtame pod deku, nez pod slunecnikem u bazenu. Mne osobne to take vice tahne do muzei a galerii… Takze co kdybych vam priste napsala par tipu kam jit a co zazit?

Paris Diary

Centre Pompidou - home of the largest modern and contemporary art collection in Europe
view from the Centre Pompidou
 Frantisek Kupka
 Pablo Picasso
 special Kenzo collection for Printemps
morning run along La Seine
 celebrating mom's birthday
 strongly recommended Le Bat restaurant
daily dose of cafe créme
street art
our favorite spot for a casual bite: Julien
 Musée d'Orsay
 view from Galeries Lafayette
enjoying the steak and drinks at Georges
 happy Loli after a dreamy Gucci visit and a little Bellini break at the infamous Hotel Costes
Dries Van Noten and his Inspirations at the Louvre