Hello September

Dior sunglasses, Zara tee, Iro Paris jacket, One Teaspoon shorts, Birkenstock sandals
Hello September!
I'm back in NYC and September will be a tough month but I'm excited to be here. I spent 5 weeks in Europe though and my next post will be "Where to stay in London" because I've discovered the perfect hotel so stay tuned.
Cau zari!
Jsem zpet v NYC a zari bude narocny mesic, ale presto se na nej tesim. Stravila jsem 5 tydnu v Evrope, takze muj pristi clanek bude na tema "Kde se ubytovat v Londyne", tak si na nej pockejte. 

New Cover Story Out Now

I was lucky to get an offer to style our beautiful (and only Czech one) former Miss World Tatiana Kucharova for Emma magazine. Tatiana had a busy schedule when she was in NYC, not only did she shoot a couple cover stories, she also spoke at a UN conference about her foundation that cares about the elderly. 
Mela jsem stesti, ze jsem dostala nabidku stylovat nasi krasnou Miss World Tatianu Kucharovou pro slovensky magazin Emma. Tatiana si do New Yorku zaletela nejen kvuli nafoceni par editorialu a obalek casopisu, ale predevsim reprezentovat svoji nadaci Krasa Pomoci na konferenci v OSN. 
Photographer: Paul de Luna
Makeup & hair: Stephanie Peterson
Sunday 6AM at Times Square
Nedele 6 rano na Times Square

Coffee Scrub

My daily ritual is quite simple, I believe in "less is more" if it comes to both makeup and skin/bodycare, however, that is one more reason to make sure I use really good quality products that meet your expectations. One of the reasons I like using Lush is the transparency if it comes to the ingredients in their products, you won't find a way too long of a list of ingredients on their products and you get what you hoped for. Simply said when I decided I wanted to get a coffee scrub I was longing for the familiar smell of coffee that I love so much and a softer skin after use and that is exactly what this cup delivers. Coffee scrubs/masks are very popular now and you can buy them from many different brands but I'm very happy with this one and besides the obvious benefit of having a softer skin (which feels great!) I also feel good about the #ethicalbuying aspect because I don't want to think about illegal child labor being responsible for picking the coffee beans for my mask. 
Muj denni ritual je relativne jednoduchy, zastavam nazor, ze mene je vice jak v liceni, tak v peci o telo a tvar. Nicmene tim spis se zameruji na kvalitni produkty, u kterych vim, s cim mam tu cest. Lush pouzivam rada prave diky jejich transparentnosti v ingrediencich, jejich produkty nejsou slozene z milionu ingredienci a vzdy splni ma ocekavani. Jednoduse receno, kdyz jsem chtela kavovy scrub, tak jsem se tesila na mnou milovanou vuni kavy a hebci pokozku po pouziti a presne toho se mi dostalo. Kavove scruby/masky jsou ted hodne popularni a muzete se je poridit od mnoha znacek, ale ja jsem velmi spokojena s touto, protoze vim, ze krome lepsi pleti mam i dobry pocit z toho, ze se nemusim bat, kde asi tak nelegalne zamestnane deti sbiraly ta kavova zrna do moji masky... #ethicalbuying 
 You can buy this coffee mask Cup o' Coffee on the Lush website or in the stores.
 Kavovou masku Cup o' Coffee muzete koupit na strankach Lushe nebo v kamennych obchodech.
Oh and my favorite ever body lotions are from Lush too... this month I've been using Sympathy for the Skin and it's delicious.
A nezapomente ze moje nejoblibenejsi kremy na telo vsech dob jsou take od Lushe... tento mesic pouzivam Sympathy for the Skin a je vyborny.

Silver Silver

IAM by Ivana Mentlova fur, Balenciaga leather, Zara turtleneck and skirt, Wolford tights, IRO Paris booties, Dior sunglasses
I am a year wiser. Again. Besides the awesome flower bouquet from my family I also got a Tiffany's ring from the T collection I've been eyeing for a while and these fun balloons. I wonder what is the appropriate age to get this excited about balloons on your birthday... :).
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Jsem o rok moudrejsi. Zase. Krome te uzasne kytice od rodiny, kterou jsem vam ukazala v minulem postu, jsem dostala prstynek od Tiffanyho z T kolekce a tyhle dokonale balonky. Premyslim, do jakeho veku je v poradku byt takhle nadsena z balonku k narozeninam... :).
Doufam, ze jste meli skvely vikend.

Jungle Flowers

My exotic bouquet is called the Flamingo
Apparently my mom  has a thing for the most unique flowers. This year she had a bouquet delivered to me from.... Ecuador! Yes you read that right. She was browsing the Internet in Prague, I was running around New York and these "jungle flowers" were getting some serious sun in Ecuador. How awesome is that! If you are thinking "oh no, she had flowers delivered on the plane, what a waste..." I have to say I buy local bouquets very often at the Union Sq market and I believe it's ok to have something extra special every now and then. Let's face it I can not buy bananas locally grown in New York state :)). Also Bougs claim that their farmers only cut what they sell, which I think is amazing. I hate to see so many flowers wasted, don't you? Anyways they have a subscription and I'm seriously thinking about trying it out because there's a very few things that make me happier than beautiful flowers (maybe new heels?!). 
Moje maminka ma evidentne talent na objevovani tech nejunikatnejsich kytic. Letos mi nechala k narozeninam poslat kytici... az z Equadoru! Ano, ctete spravne. Surfovala po internetu v Praze, ja jsem pobihala po New Yorku a tyhle "kytky z dzungle" se zatim slunily v Equadoru. Bomba! Pokud si zrovna rikate: "to snad ne, nechala si poslat kytky letadlem, takova skoda...", tak vas uklidnim, ze vetsinou si kupuji kvetiny od mistnich farmaru na trhu na Union square, ale verim, ze jednou za cas neni tak hrozne si doprat neco specialniho. Budme k sobe uprimni, tyhle banany si proste lokalne vypestovane ve state New York nekoupite :)). Dalsi plus vidim v tom, ze firma Bougs slibuje, ze farmari, se kterymi spolupracuji, utrhnou opravdu jen to, co prodaji a to je super. Taky tak nesnasite vyhozene kytky v kosi? Priznam se, ze kdyz jsem si prosla jejich web a videla, ze maji predplatne, zacala jsem o tom vazne uvazovat, protoze existuje opravdu jen malo veci, ktere mi udelaji vetsi radost nez krasna kytice (mozna nove lodicky?!). 

Phnom Penh Diary

The Royal palace
 Apsara dancers
The Central Market inside a beautiful Art Deco building
 Typical flower arrangements
A late tuk tuk drive
Our hotel
Here's my first post about Cambodia. Finally. I took a while to go through all the photos because you know it was Christmas and New Year's and life happened. Today I'm sitting at my New York's apartment back from Europe and it is snowing and just plain ugly outside so it is perfect to just lounge around and do some work on my notebook.
All of these photos are from our first stop Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. I was surprised by how many expats live in Cambodia and one of the expats we met while there was an American guy who owns a shop with records and posters. If you are like me - always on a hunt for a special souvenir this shop/gallery Space Four Zero is for you. I got one of the posters with Sticky Fingers - a rock band based in here. Seriously who can say they have a poster with a local band from Cambodia!
 Having a drink at the Elephant bar at the Raffles hotel is a must
Konecne se s vami podelim o prvni clanek o Kambodzi. Trvalo mi hodne dlouho se vsemi fotkami prokousat a samozrejme byly Vanoce, Silvestr a tak nejak se udal zivot. Nicmene dnes sedim uz zpet z Evropy na svem gauci v New Yorku a venku snezi a je opravdu nehezky zatazeno, takze vlastne idealni stav na to, abych se povalovala doma s notebookem na kline a udelala alespon nejakou praci. 
Vsechny fotky, ktere s vami dnes sdilim, jsou z nasi prvni zastavky - hlavniho mesta Phnom Penh. Byla jsem dost prekvapena mnozstvim expatu, ktere jsem tam nahodou potkali a jednim z nich byl i American, ktery vlastni opravdu unikatni obchod s deskami a plakaty. Pokud jste alespon trochu jako ja a vzdy hledate netradicni suvenyr, tak tenhle shop/galerie Space Four Zero bude neco pro vas. Odnesla jsem si jeden z plakatu s mistni rockovou kapelou Sticky Fingers. No kdo to ma!

My Favorite Time of the Year

Christmas day outfit
Our huge Christmas tree
With mom at our annual brunch at Obecni Dum
With my boyfriend
I hope you all had amazing holidays whatever you were doing. I personally cannot complain even a little bit because I was with my family in the fairy tale city that Prague becomes around this time of the year. Oh and I got some awesome presents too... but that is less important :).
Doufam, ze jste si vsichni uzili svatky, at uz jste delali cokoliv. Ja osobne si vubec nemuzu stezovat, protoze se mi opet povedlo byt se svoji rodinou v pohadkovem meste, jakym se Praha stane kazdy rok na Vanoce. Jo a dostala jsem par uzasnych darku... ale to neni to nejdulezitejsi :).

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers
Christmas is coming up so fast that I decided to throw in one more wishlist before my photo diary from Cambodia. Just in case somebody still hasn't decided what to give to their loved ones... ;) (like me maybe?!) I woke up this morning already thinking of Prague and all the things I cannot wait to do like bake the Christmas cookies with my mom.
 Vanoce se blizi tak rychle, ze jsem se rozhodla vam na blog dat jeste jeden wishlist pred foto denikem z Kambodzi. Jen pro pripad, ze by nekteri z vas stale premysleli, co dat svym blizkym... ;) (jako treba mne?!) Dnes rano jsem se probudila a myslela na Prahu a na vsechny cinnosti, na ktere se uz nemuzu dockat, jako napriklad peceni rohlicku s maminkou. 
N 21 cotton t shirt / Givenchy zip wallet / Golden Goose pink wallet / Alexander Wang embroidered hat

Pell street

HMxKenzo bomber, Forever 21 tee, HM conscious denim, Acne boots, Tag Heauer watch, Ray Ban aviators
Let me share this very quick outfit post with you before I roll in all the vacation photos. I just came back from a trip to Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong to be precise) and I hope you are ready to see some temples and sight seeing pictures. 
Chci se s vami dnes jeste rychle podelit o tenhle outfit, nez vas zavalim fotkami z moji dovolene v Asii (Kambodze, Vietnamu a Hong Kongu, abych to upresnila) a doufam, ze jste ready na spoustu fotek z chramu a pamatek.

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty wishlist
These are some of the products I'd like to try in the near future. What is the one thing you have recently discovered and loved? I'd appreciate some tips :). I basically go after anything that has salt, coffee, coconut or grapefruit in it...
I have read some pretty convincing reviews on the Sisley Youth treatment and I think I'm going to spend the little fortune (yes $200 is a fortune to me if it comes to skincare!) on it because I bought their eye mask last year and it's been my favorite thing since day one and the good news is that I'm still on my first tube so it lasts a long time.
Tyhle produkty bych rada vyzkousela co nejdrive. Je nejaky produkt ktery jste objevili nedavno a nedate na nej dopustit? Budu rada za vase tipy :). Ja jdu po vsem, co ma v sobe sul, kavove boby, kokos nebo grepy...
Cetla jsem velmi presvedciva doporuceni na vyse zmineny Sisley Youth novinku a rozhodla jsem se, ze ho ji asi vyzkousim i za cenu maleho jmeni (ano, dat 4.500Kc za kosmetiku je podle me male jmeni), protoze jsem si loni poridila jejich masku na oci a od prvniho dne jsem z ni byla naprosto nadsena a navic doted pouzivam tu prvni tubu, takze dlouho vydrzi.